Eyelash extensions can extend your health problems

Everyone wishes to be smart and attractive. This tendency is not only in women, even men these days are becoming more conscious of beauty and looks. No one points out or questions when one tries to be attractive. The problem now is to what extent and to what cost can one go to look beautiful. If it is at the cost of money and time it is understandable and can be taken for granted. The problem arises only when someone tries to look beautiful at the expense of health. After all, what beauty is when you one is not healthy? As we all know the first base for beauty is health.

This entire intro had been given keeping in view the latest studies that have warned about using eyelashes. The studies have found that the side effects of using eyelashes on health are more dangerous than you would have thought of. Here are few of the worrying facts from the scientists on eyelash extensions risks.

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Many women have the habit of using fake eyelashes to give bigger appearance to eyes and look beautiful. God knows how far these are effective and successful in giving you fair looks, but the studies have warned that for sure they have bad health effects as they lead to many kinds of eye problems.

Many of us think that there is neither actually anything wrong nor any eyelash extensions problems that lead to health issues, when you use eyelashes on the outer part of the eye and that too on eyelids. Well, this is actually a wrong pattern of thinking. When you do so, you are for sure making the eyelashes voluminous but at the same time you are also attracting more dust and germs to the eyelids. This has been found out after conducting research on nearly 23 species including humans.

To protect the moist present on cornea from getting evaporated and also to save the eyes from dust and pollution the eyelashes are important and when you stick on artificial eyelashes on them they cannot do their work and so eventually the eyes fall sick.

Normally the length of the eyelashes should be 1/3rd of the total eye. The problem arises when they are either less or more than this. When they are either less or more in length the flow of air to the cornea is more and so the eye gets dehydrated and dust also gets accumulated easily.

So going by this now you should concentrate not on looks but to maintain the proper length of the eyelashes. In case they are lesser use good eyelashes and also see that they are not above the recommended length. At the end of the day, health is more important than beauty and as this is related to eyes you should be even more careful.

Now knowing all the health problems of using fake eyelashes you should decide whether health is wealth or beauty is wealth.

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