Explore the best village tourism in India

India is the land of poverty, backwardness, unhygienic, illiteracy and villages. This is what many Western nations think when India strikes in their mind. This thought will change when you see some of the villages in India. They are none less to any highly developed cities across the world. They have their own place in terms of development and specialty. So next when you are in India let your Indian tourist spots not end with some well know Indian tourist destinations. Make every effort to visit these special Indian villages so that your tour is complete with rural tourism in India.

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This village is known as the village that never sees darkness. It is located in the state of Bihar in India. The specialty of this village is, it is the first village in India that uses only solar energy for all the purposes. It has a solar power micro grid which you should definitely see. The battery backup facility will never make the village go powerless. So now do you still feel India is backward?

Shani shingnapur:

It is even called as Sonai and is in the state of Maharashtra in India and is the must visit village tourism in India. It is 35 kilometers away from Ahmednagar, a well-known city in the state. The specialty of this village is, no house present in this village has doors. Surprisingly to date no theft has been recorded. Can you find any house in the world that does not have doors, but here you will find all houses without doors.  Noticing this surprising fact, the United Commercial Bank has opened its branch in this village and even it has no doors and is left unlocked all through day and night. Looks stunningly amazing!!!!It also has a famous temple for Lord Sani, who according to Indian mythology is responsible for all the hardships and bad luck of the human race. He decides the fate of the mankind.


This is present in Karnataka, a southern state in India. This village is well known for its environmental protection. The village and the villagers are well noted for their bird care. One more important star attraction is many beautiful birds across the globe visit this village round the year. Villagers take every care of these birds and they also treat them when any of the bird falls sick. Humanity at its peak!


This village is present the district of East Khasi hills in the state of Himachal Pradesh. You will be surprised to know that this is the cleanliest village in Asian continent. Now will anyone dare say that India is unhygienic? The natural sites and scenario present in this village is eye catchy. A nearing village named Riwai has a natural rock bridge which makes anyone go spellbound.

So by now you would have got an idea why tourism in India is not what you think and still if you don’t believe, you can believe it by visiting these places in person.

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