Experts’ advice to get overall beauty naturally

To look beautiful and gorgeous one need not always depend on costly cosmetics. One can as well look gorgeous and beautiful by using some natural ways and means… are the beauty tips to look beautiful the natural way….

Use more of plant oils:

Whatever the artificial beauty products you use are no equal to beauty uses derived from using plant oils. All the artificial body creams, moisturizers, deep cleansers and hair conditioners only give temporary beauty. So the best way to get permanent results is to make use of natural products such as plant oils in proper way. Plant oils such as olive, coconut and almond are highly efficient to give beauty naturally. They are good both for cooking and also on skin. But be careful not to use the oils that are processed by heating as they get deprived of essential elements such as vitamins and fatty acids. These can as well increase the growth of free radicals. Instead use such oils that are obtained from cold pressing.

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Stay away from using perfumes:

All the artificial perfumes have elements known as phthalates that are identical to body hormones. When perfumes are used regularly these phthalates might lead to disturbance of the nervous system and also the production of hormones. So when this is the case why to use perfumes and if at all you can’t dispense using perfumes stay away from artificial perfumes and use perfumes made of essential oils that are not only cheap but are also not harmful. Even simple trick like applying sweet almond oil near the wrist can also keep you fresh all day long.

Natural beauty tips for hair:

Soon after shampooing the hair take chameleon tea decoction in mug and add water. Use this to cleanse the hair to see behind soft and silky hair. If you wish to see your hair stunningly black then use rosemary decoction to cleanse them.  Not only using rosemary decoction gives shinning black hair but will also make the hair soft. Whatever the kind of shampoo you use some part of it will stay back on hair and to remove the laid back shampoo make a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water, apply this on hair once a week and rinse off with apple cider vinegar. Doing so will leave behind shampoo less hair.

Essential oils for scar removal:

Pimples, acne and other kind of rashes on skin leave behind scars that give bad looks to face. In such situations using essential oil such as lavender oil directly on them will reduce the scars, as it is antibacterial in nature. Even the red scars that arise due to pimples can also be reduced using this oil.

Apart from all these, one should definitely eat multi-colored food that is rich with green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. One definitely needs to stick to healthy diet and the above natural beauty tips for beautiful body.

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