Evade treadmill dangers with these safety precautions

We need to be careful while using exercising materials, especially treadmill. Any negligence will lead to injuries and make you bedridden. Here in this present article we will see how to use the treadmill and be safe while exercising on it. Here we go with safety measures to follow while using a treadmill.

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Sports shoe is compulsory:

It is natural to sense heat and friction while working out on a treadmill. So the only way out to protect your feet from them is to put on some good sports shoes. If you dare to walk bare footed on the treadmill then you are inviting problems to your feet. At times, chances are that your foot may get stuck between the belt machine if you don’t have shoe. In case you are using a treadmill in a gym then you are exposing the feet to all sorts of bacteria. So better use a shoe compulsorily.

Set based on your strength:

Every one of us has limitations and so setting the treadmill blindly is not advisable. The way you run and walk differs from others, so set the timing based on your capabilities. Never set the speed that you cannot catch up with. It is enough if you can run based on your heart beat. If your treadmill has the option of monitoring your heartbeat then it is even safer. When you run on a treadmill see to that the heart rate is not more than 80 percent. When your heartbeat is somewhere between 50 % to 70 % the body will effectively lose calories. Never the heart rate should exceed 90 percent.

Walk without holding handrails:

Till you get accustomed on walking on a treadmill you can hold railings. But this habit should not be a permanent thing. If you constantly walk by holding railings in later days you will  fall prey to elbow and shoulder pains. When you catch hold of railings the core muscles will not get strained and as such you will lose less weight. So if you wish to lose more weight don’t hold railings.

Don’t increase the speed all at once:

It is always difficult to run on a treadmill with more height so adjust the height first. Once you are comfortable with height increase the speed gradually. Instead of doing this way if you suddenly increase the speed you will have more chances of slipping and getting injured. And also when you are about to step away from it decrease the speed and get down.

Leave space:

Many of us place treadmill very close to walls with a feeling of getting more space, but this is wrong placement. The treadmill should at least be placed 3 feet away from the wall. This way you can be sure of safety.

Follow all these treadmill rules for safer exercising on it.

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