Essential plant care tips for healthy growth of plants

Plant care is as good as baby care. It should be so delicate and also sensitive or else all your efforts and money spent on bringing the plants from the nursery will go waste. Here are few tips for plant care so that your garden looks full and your plant stays for longer time.

•    The biggest mistake many people do is they straight away plant the plant in garden or pots as soon as they get it from a nursery. This should not be done. First check the condition of the pot. See if it has a vent to let out extra water and also loosen the soil so that the plant will have more space to spread its roots.

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•    The other major plant care tip is you should never allow excess water to stay in the pot. If the water gets stagnated in the pot then the chances of the plant to die are more.

•    When you are planting a plant in pot see that the roots are completely covered with soil. Apart from this many have the habit of pouring more water to the plant as soon as planting. This actually is not a good practice. Neither the water should be more or less.

•    If the plants have to grow well, exposure to sun is a must. Chances are heavy that the plants may die if they don’t get enough sunlight. So make everything possible for the plant to get enough sunlight. Keep changing the pot’s direction so that all the sides of the plant get enough sun exposure.

•    The leaves should not be tainted with any color. Even the branch should not have any colors. If you do so the pores present in them will get closed and the plant cannot absorb oxygen.

•    Many have the habit of disposing of whatever comes our way into pots. This should not be done. You can only drop used tea and coffee powder.

•    Many as part of home decoration keep the plants in homes; this should be avoided because not all plants grow well under shade. The best way to grow plants indoor is to first check with the nursery if it can grow in shade or needs sunlight.

•    As far as possible try to go organic with the plants. Use more of pesticides and fertilizers that are organic. This way you are doing well to you and also to the plant.

•    Also don’t do the mistake of watering all the plants with the same quantity of water. As every plant is different by nature so are also their water needs.

Follow all these and your life of plants will get enhanced.

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