Energy drinks are highly bad on teenagers

Consumption of energy drinks is getting increased day by day. Teenagers have developed a craze for these drinks. Now the question is not on their increased consumption but on their requirement and effects on health. According to many health experts energy drinks are not required except in few cases and it is also safe to avoid them as they give more bad effects than good. Despite this many people have a liking for energy drinks, which is an alarming condition. Here are few reasons why energy drinks are not safe. Read to know the negative effects of energy drinks on teenagers.

Irrespective of the fact that energy drinks give instant energy and relief apart from giving additional Vitamin B to the body they are bad to health as they have many bad effects on health in the long run. These drinks have high level of caffeine which leads to lack of sleep when the quantity of it is increased. In addition to caffeine they also have herbal stimulators such as ginseng and guarana. These stimulants are extremely bad on health and will cause many problems such as increased heart beat, dehydration, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

According to researches the consumption of energy drinks has been on increase in teenagers. The tendencies of giving instant energy and quick relief have been the prime influential factors for teenagers to depend more on them. One more alarming fact according to studies is that the habit of drinking these drinks with alcohol to get cocktail effect has been on rise. Unfortunately they are paying deaf ear to the advices of the doctors which say they should not be consumed more than a couple, that too when one feels extremely fatigued. Even this should be done after taking doctor’s advice. Doctors also say consuming these drinks along with alcohol can at times lead to deaths. The other fact is that these drinks can weaken the body when taken without medical advice.

Having come across the bad effects of drinking energy drinks in teenagers it is highly recommended to forego the habit and follow some other safe alternatives to get instant energy and keep the body fresh.

The alternatives suggested by doctors to energy drinks that can be used by teenagers are a glass of milk or milk shakes, which give instant energy. What the teenagers need to get healthy and energetic body is not energy drinks but the food that has all the essential nutrients such as proteins, iron, calcium, and vitamins. Follow regular exercises and yoga to get shaped body instead of dieting on energy drinks.

Having said all the side effects of consuming energy drinks in the teenagers it is up to them to stop or continue it at the expense of health and life.

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