Emerging career options

What was true for job and career market a decade back, is not true now. Technological, medical, social and economical changes in the last 5 years or so have brought about a change in the whole scenario. And it opens new doors for both new generations as well as the working population as newer career choices are coming up every now and them. Thinking uncongenially could reap more benefits which could be financial or job satisfaction or both. Developing new skills with the help of proper training or by understanding your own abilities is the key. It would open new doors for the new generation and bring in a fresh lease of hope and energy in the current force of working population. Here is a list of some of the emerging career options.

Medical profession: There have been a lot of developments when it comes to the field of medical professions. New researches are opening a vast area when it comes to dealing with health. Biotechnology, fields related to veterinary, cellular biology, genetic counseling, agricultural researches are some of the fields to look out for.

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Technology related: Then there are pure technology-based areas like ones dealing with cyber security, life care planning and management area, geospatial technology etc. all to look out for those who love to be connected with technology or have a bent of engineering mind.

Social media managers: Social media is the new ‘in’ thing and looking at its growth and reach it can be concluded that it is here to stay. Private as well as public organizations are in constant need of professionals who can build, analyze and manage their social media outlets. There is a huge untapped potential lying here.

Data miners: Another emerging field is for those people who are good with data and information. Organizations are looking out for professionals who can analyze huge data sets and can look for patterns. Also, data miners should be able to retrieve data from sea of information and set up models for managements to set up models for future use.

Community engagement officers: Inclusive growth, whether for a government or a private institution means to be set up through which communication and executions can take place are a mandate. The officers in question help in setting up just that and are critical when it comes to local decision-making processes and local as well as large projects.

Entrepreneurs who deal online: Online marketing is grabbing a gigantic portion of total sales worldwide. And that too very fast especially in the emerging markets. But there is a huge demand and supply gap and that provides for an opportunity for new age entrepreneurs to tap it. Low costs and higher reach are some of the added advantages when it comes to online marketing.

Sustainability managers:  Planning is critical in every age and these times are no different. However, a new field of work of that of sustainability managers has recently taken place. They are the ones who design, develop and change models for long term sustainability.

Disaster managers: They are the ones who put in place proper processes for disaster management. It could be natural, technological, economic or social in nature.

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