Effective ways for treating yellow teeth with natural remedies

Untidiness and eating habits lead to yellow teeth. To be frank this is not a big problem and it can easily be tackled with some tips. Here are few tips for shiny teeth. These are also natural and can be adopted by anyone who is facing yellowness of teeth.

Eat strawberries:

Strawberries have high amounts of vitamin C and also Malic acid. These two can easily make your teeth white. So eat these fruits regularly. These fruits also have astringent that wards off moles and other patches present on teeth. Vitamin C as we know is very useful in removing the plaque present in the mouth. The easiest natural teeth whitener is to crush strawberries into a paste and using this to rub the teeth. Repeat this process twice a week and you can easily do away with the stains on teeth. Even chewing them well will also give the identical result.

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Lemon juice and baking soda:

Using both of them in combination is also one more natural way for shinier and white teeth. Teeth get whiter due to the chemical reaction that takes between them. Use both of them on teeth for once in a week using a brush. Never do the mistake of using too much of this combination as the enamel present on teeth will get vanished. All you need get whiter teeth using them is to apply both of them on teeth and rub them with a brush after a minute and rinse off well. Also, see to that the combined mix does not stay on teeth for more than a minute.

Oil pulling:

Take any organic oil into mouth and rinse and swirl for 15 to 20 minutes and spit the oil out. Followed by it clean the mouth well using water and if possible brush and drink 3 glasses of water. Take every care that the oil passes through each nook and corner of the mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide:

The first thing you should do is to rinse the mouth using a mouthwash that has hydrogen peroxide. Or else you can brush the teeth using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and finally cleanse the teeth using toothpaste.

Orange peel:

The best and easiest way for shinier and white teeth is to rub the teeth every night using orange peel. If you can repeat this process regularly for one week then you can easily get whiter teeth.

Eat crispy vegetables and fruits:

Eating vegetables and fruits that are crispy and hard to bite is also a good idea to get white teeth. When you eat them the plague and other items present on teeth gets vanished due to friction.

Well, now you are aware of how to fight yellow teeth so follow these and get whiter teeth naturally.

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