Effective herbal drink recipes to fight flu

Cool climate can easily spread virus and lead to many kinds of flues. One of the easy home remedies to fight flues and cool climate is to make different herbal soups. Here are few medicinal herbal drink recipes to fight different types of flu naturally.

1) Winter chicken soup:

Ingredients needed:

•    4 cups of chicken stalk

•    ½ cup of processed chicken

•    1 tablespoon of oil

•    1 onion (cut into pieces)

•    1 Celery stick (cut into pieces)

•    2 carrots (cut into pieces)

•    1/4th cup of peanuts

•    6 beans (cut into pieces)

•    Coriander for garnishing

•    Pepper powder and salt in required amount

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Ingredients to make chicken stalk:

•    1 kilo chicken (don’t remove bones and skin)

•    Small piece of Ginger

•    Few pepper

•    3 Bay leaves

•    2 Carrots (cut into pieces)

• 4 thymes

Stalk preparation method:

  • Take chicken and carrots in a pan and add water till they get immersed.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and heat on medium flame.
  • Following this, add the remaining ingredients and heat.
  • Lower the flames and boil for 45 minutes.
  • Now take the chicken and separate the skin and bones from it and squeeze the chicken with hands.
  • Strain the stalk
  • Take a soup pot, add oil, heat and add celery, onion, beans and carrot.
  • Boil till they become smooth.
  • Add chicken stalk, thyme and vegetable slices and boil for ten minutes.
  • Add crushed chicken along with pepper and salt and mix well.
  • Garnish with coriander and serve.

This soup will increase the immunity power and help in fighting cold and flu.

2) Winter vegetable soup:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 teaspoon oil

•    3 to 4 cups of Vegetable stalk

•   3 thymes

•    2 bay leaves

•    1 onion (cut into pieces)

•    1 cup of cut beans

•    2 cups of cut carrot pieces

•    2 cups of cut potatoes

•    1 cup of tomato pieces

•    1/4th cup of peanuts

•    1/4th cup of boiled beans

•    1 lemon

•    1 sweet potato

•    Required amounts of salt and pepper powder

Ingredients needed for stalk:

  • Cut one onion into pieces
  •    Cut carrots into pieces
  • Cut celery into pieces
  • Cut potato into pieces
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 thyme
  • 6 pepper

Preparation method:

•    Take a big bowl and add all the stalk ingredients and fill with water.

•    Boil for half an hour and strain the stalk.

•    Take soup pot, add oil and heat.

•    Add bay leaves, onions, thyme and fry lightly.

•    Add vegetables and boil for 4 minutes.

•    Add the stalk and boil.

•    Sprinkle pepper powder and salt.

•    Add boiled beans and serve by squeezing lemon juice.

This soup is highly useful to fight common flu in winter and sweet potatoes present in it will give iron and other essential nutrients to the body.

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