Eating these seeds equals growing health

Which foods are good for health…..Non-vegetarian or vegetarian. Both have their own share of goodness to the body. Despite this goodness of them, dieticians suggest seeds to be the best. Here are few healthiest seeds that are good for health. Eat them as often as possible and grow in health.

Sesame: These have all the things needed for the body such as magnesium, copper, and calcium. Eating them more gives the body vitamin E and so you look ever young. It even enhances immunity levels in the body and keeps all the problems related to heart at bay. As per studies sesame also reduces the risks of multiple sclerosis. Easy way to increase the intake of this seeds is to add them to chicken, mutton, fish and breakfast cereals.

Sunflower seeds: These seeds have good cholesterol in leaps and bounds. It even has more amounts of vitamin E in comparison with many other foods. So you are getting healthy skin and good hair naturally. These seeds also have magnesium and so you can have good and strong bones. This can be added to salads, bread and also soups.

Pumpkin seeds: These seeds are rich in zinc, manganese and also vitamin E. Apart from these they also have some kind of antioxidants that are just unavoidable for good health. Healthy fats are also very high in these. A spoon of these seeds has 4.7 grams of healthy fats. Imagine how good they can be to health. Increase its intake for healthy weight loss. The body needs lesser bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol and one easy way to do this is to eat more of pumpkin seeds. It effectively controls insulin levels in the body and also heightens immunity levels. You can take them along with salads, noodles and also different types of soups.

Flax seeds: These seeds are extremely low in calories and so they go well as dieting foods. Eating them is increasing digestion naturally. They are rich in fiber, plant based omega 3 fatty acids, protein and also alpha-linolenic acid. These can be taken regularly with breakfast. They can as well be taken with oatmeal, yogurt and another kind of baked items.

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Chia seeds: It is a known fact that veggies have lesser amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. The reason behind this is they forego sea foods and other kinds of meats that are rich in fatty acids and so the levels of fatty acids come down. So the best way to bring back the lost amount of omega fatty acids is to eat more of chia seeds. Apart from high amounts of omega fatty acids they also have fiber, protein, and other kinds of vital nutrients. These seeds are highly effective in obstructing metabolic syndrome and diabetes risks. As per reports taking them regularly will also keep blood pressure under control. They don’t taste good so mix them with other seeds or some kind of baked items.

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