Eat these foods for depression

Depression is the cause of many factors under action and one amongst them is the lack of proper diet. According to psychologists and nutritionists, proper diet and healthy eating habits can easily reverse the situation. Here we go with the types of food to eat to fight depression naturally.


This is a kind of spicy herb that is being used in many kinds of Mediterranean foods since ages. It has innumerable health properties and so is also found in many types of ayurvedic medications. One amongst such health benefits is, it helps people in fighting depression. It gives stress relief for depressed people. It is rich in compounds like curcumin nodes and turmerones that lift up the mood. They also obstruct anxiety and depression signs.

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Dairy products:

All kinds of dairy products such as cheese, ghee, yogurt and milk are highly useful in fighting depression. They are rich in vitamin D, calcium and proteins which the human body needs to fight depression. Not only are they useful in fighting depression they are also effective in giving healthy bones.


These foods are really wonder and magical to human health. They have a key role in keeping the functions of mind intact. To be more precise, they are brain-boosting foods. Fish help in proper flow of blood in the human body which eventually will lead to a proper rate of the heartbeat. When there is correct heartbeat, the pressure on the brain and heart gets lowered. The vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids present in them are good to fight depression.


Any kind of nuts like almond, cashew, pistachio and so on are highly useful to fight depression. They are not only high in good fat such as monosaturated fats but also have omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. As we know fatty acids are highly useful to bring down depression levels. Prefer walnuts more as they have high amounts of omega acids.


Now here is one reason to eat the chicken belly fully as it is healthy diet for depression. It fights depression effectively as it has high amounts of protein. It is rich in chemical called as tryptophan which plays a major role in the production of serotonin. The body needs serotonin for proper functioning of the body and reducing depression. In fact, all the foods rich in protein are highly effective in fighting depression.


Chocolates though considered as high fatty foods have a key role in lowering the depression levels. More importantly dark chocolates as they have serotonin, which are important to relive tightened blood vessels and help in proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. All you need to gain the benefits of fighting depression by eating chocolates is to eat them in lesser quantity so that you don’t fall prey to obesity.

Apart from the above even tea, oats, brown rice and cereals are also highly useful to manage stress and fight depression. So eat the above-said foods regularly to lessen depression and anxiety.

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