Eat these foods for better heart and brain

All the foods we take do not do the same function. They differ in their nutritional value and so their effect on the body also differs. Each food has a different role to play in our health. While some foods give energy to different parts of the body some act as brain boosters and few others are good for the heart. Here in this particular article we shall see such kind of foods that act simultaneously on heart and brain. Here is the list of foods for heart’s health and improved brain function.


These are highly useful both for heart and brain. They have more of HDL so they boost up the health of the heart. These peanuts also have oleic acid, also known as omega 9 fatty acids which are crucial for enhancing the function of the brain and keeping it sharp. Olive, sesame, and almonds are three peanuts which you can take randomly.

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Fatty fish:

As we know brain contains 2/3rd fat in it. This fat acts as transmitter between the cells. These fats have omega 3 fatty acids in them. Fish types such as mackerel, sardine, and herring are good options to get omega 3 fatty acids. In case you don’t like eating fish check for some other alternatives.


All the green leafy vegetables are good for both brain and heart. They are also highly useful for the overall body as they make the body strong and increase the resistance power. They are rich in iron and this iron will produce neurotransmitters that increase memory power. More importantly spinach does this work effectively. It also has all the needed antioxidants and vitamins needed for the brain.


All the fruits and vegetables in dark color are good for health. Especially fruits of berry kind. All berry varieties are rich in antioxidants and also have vitamin C. They are also stores to lot many nutrients. They also have phytochemicals present exclusively in the plants and these chemicals maintain the health of the brain.

Cruciferous vegetables:

These vegetables consist of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, and Brussels. These have high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. These cruciferous vegetables protect the brain from free radicals and other poisonous effects of external factors.


These are rich in amino acids, vitamin B, and antibodies. These and all increase the functioning of the brain. The glucose present in them will make the brain sharper. It also has high amounts of fiber. All in all, these beans help in keeping the brain active.

Eat all the above-mentioned foods and you will get a sharper brain and healthier heart along with having a healthy body in general.

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