Eat these foods daily without fail for sound health

It’s not enough if you eat, you should know what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, why to eat and how much to eat then alone you will be healthy. Many of us have the habit of eating same kind of food daily; by doing so, you are not giving the body the much needed complete nutritional value. Anyway, leaving aside whether you are changing the menu or not. These below foods should be present every day for good health. Here are the foods to eat daily for optimum health and you can skip them if you don’t wish good health.


Many of us ignore this food item for many reasons. One main reason is the fear of putting on weight. Of course everyone will put on weight when ghee is taken in leaps and bounds but when we take it in lesser amount and in a correct combination; ghee is none less to any healthy food in giving us health. Prefer cow ghee rather than buffalo ghee. When ghee is taken in correct amounts it adds to digestion and apart from giving healthy digestion it will also enhance the health of the eyes. Ghee is also essential for good memory power and proper functioning of the brain. It wards off many kinds of diseases and also increases skin radiance.

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Cow milk:

Since ages, cow milk has been treated as one of the most vital food for good health. Taking a glass of cow milk every day is essential for overall health. It is highly effective in beating stress and fatigue. Cow milk also helps the body to dispose of harmful toxins accumulated through various means. It works as a first aid for many of the respiratory and digestion problems. It also has a high hand in treating problems associated with heavy bleeding, fever, and urinary tract infections.


Who needs an explanation on the importance of almonds for humans? We have said lot many times and you heard a lot many times, so without any need for further explanation start taking 10 almonds each day and see your health rising with each passing day.

Indian gooseberry:

Though little in size, this fruit has a big role in human health. It is a treasure to lot many vitamins and nutrients. Taking this fruit will easily do away with the problems that arise due to lack of vitamin C in the body. This is one fruit that has commendable position in Ayurveda. It is good home remedy for fever, cough and cold. It is also useful to treat many skin infections. To reap maximum benefits from it eat the fruit directly rather than depending on supplements and other forms of powder made from it.

Apart from the above-mentioned best foods to eat every day Figs and jaggery too should not be avoided. These have high say in giving the body copper and iron.

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