Eat these foods daily and be healthy

Many of us are under the impression that taking healthy food is not at all possible due to various reasons and to eat healthy daily is a thing that can just happen in dreams alone. But this is not the fact and yes you can eat healthy food daily that too easily and also in lesser budget. Here are the healthy foods to eat daily.

•    If you don’t have the habit of taking dairy products daily then you are missing out on the most easily available healthy food. Eat more of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Take one glass of milk every day so that you are giving the body the much-needed calcium.

•    The food you take should for sure consist of millets and cereals. They should find their place at least one time in the day or else you are not giving enough vitamins to the body.

•    Your day should never end without taking at least one glass of fruit juice. Let the juice be from any fruit, but you should take it.

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•    You should take green leafy vegetables minimum two times in a week so that your body is not affected by anemia and lack of iron.

•     Take oranges regularly to get folic acid and also vitamin C.

•    The best way to give the body the required amounts of iron is to eat liver, dates, almonds and spinach daily. So include them in your healthy foods to eat every day.

•    Without fail the body should be given vitamin C daily so that the body can easily absorb iron. Especially the vegetarians should follow this without fail.

•    Let your plates find beans and broccoli as often as possible to get a good amount of antioxidants.

•    The foods that are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E should also be taken daily without fail. The easiest way to get these two vital vitamins is to eat peanuts and walnuts. These two also have the character of boosting immunity along with giving the body these two vitamins.

•    Spicy materials such as ginger, garlic, onion and also turmeric should be added to your dishes. All of them are well known to reduce arthritis, cold, and flu.

•    Your daily menu should also have soy protein so that the cholesterol levels are kept under check.

•    Sea foods such as tuna and salmon should be taken for getting omega 3 fatty acids and also to keep heart and bones healthy.

•    Regularly keep eating raw nuts as snacks so that you give the body the much-needed proteins and energy.

•    Drink coconut water without fail daily so that the body is not dehydrated and also it gets good amounts of salts.

•    Carrot and foods high in fiber should not be missed out if you wish high-quality life daily.

These are the foods to eat daily. Eat them daily and see the effect of what a healthy food can do to you.

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