Eat these foods and increase your sex power

For a healthy and happy relationship between wife and husband, sex is important. Having healthy sex life leads to a tight bond between wife and husband. And to have the healthy sex life you need to eat certain foods that increase the libido rate and ignite passion. Here is the sex enhancing foods. Eat them regularly….have sex regularly and maintain a good relation.


These red-colored eye catchy fruits have a high name as far as increasing the sex life is concerned. To have sex feelings going in a natural way the body needs zinc and this is why you need to eat these fruits too often. These fruits have high amounts of zinc content in them and so will keep up your romantic mood and pave way for longer sex. Zinc is also good at controlling the testosterone levels in the body.

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No one needs an explanation on how healthy these nuts are. The same holds good in increasing libido also. They are highly helpful in igniting romantic feelings. Apart from this they even increase sperm count needed for fertility. As per many studies, the medicinal proprieties in these nuts have paved way to increased fertility rate. So eating them is two way beneficial.


Egg is one of the best foods for sex. It is rich in protein are also highly useful in fostering romantic feelings. But they should be taken in boiled kind and not as omelet. Sexologists suggest taking egg daily both for health in general and good sex life in particular. In case you don’t like taking it, you should minimum take it every alternative day if you wish to have a more romantic bedtime.


This spice is not only good at giving radiant and fair skin but is also good in giving healthier sex life. Make it a habit to add saffron to the food items regularly. It is highly useful in giving the required amount of energy for proper erection and prolonged intercourse.

Dark chocolates:

Not all chocolates are unhealthy; sometimes some kinds of chocolates such as dark ones are good for health. In general dark chocolates are highly useful in giving radiance to the skin and healthy teeth. Apart from these two they even increase libido rate. To have better sex you need 2 enzymes known as endorphin and serotonin and these two are present in bulk in these chocolates. Eating them every now and then will keep up your mood and so you will have an enjoyable romantic season.


This is the best foods to increase sex power. It is highly useful in making the experience of your intercourse happier and long lasting. The amino acids present in them will clear off the obstacles if any in the nerves and pave way for proper blood flow and this eventually leads to healthy intercourse.

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