Eat these foods and increase fiber levels in the body

However fresh and costly your food is if it lacks fiber then it is not healthy food. When the food you take lacks fiber then it is doing no useful to the digestive system and so it is not good for overall health. Here are few fiber rich foods which you should definitely eat for good health. These are also economical.


This is one fruit which is available round the year and is also affordable. It has all the needed things for the body along with good fiber content. By eating just an apple, you can get 4.4 grams of fiber.


Broccoli is one vegetable that is rich in fiber. By eating just one cup of broccoli, you are giving the body many vital nutrients and minerals apart from getting fiber. Prefer to take cooked broccoli rather than taking oil cooked.  One cup of boiled broccoli gives the body 2.4 grams of fiber.

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Never the fiber foods list is complete without radish. This is one vegetable that is liked by all due to its tasty flavor. Trust us it not only tastes good but is also highly nutritious and healthy. Eating this regularly is nothing but making your digestive system good and healthy. You can improve the digestive function in leaps and bounds. A single 9 inch radish has 5.8 grams of fiber. Some people don’t like radish for some reason if you are also the one, make salads or eat in combination with other foods and vegetables.


This is both economical and also healthy food. Eating this vegetable is getting healthy all the natural way. This can be taken either by boiling or frying. It also goes well with other vegetables. If you don’t like its taste use it in salads and eat. It fights constipation and also kills the cancer causing agents. One layer of cabbage has 0.5 grams of fiber. Going by this you can imagine how much amount of fiber you can give the body by eating one cup of it.


This charts the top place amongst the green leafy vegetables. It is rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body. You can use it to make salads or eat it just like that by boiling it. Add pepper and salt. You can get 7.5 grams of fiber by eating 1 cup of spinach.


Bread made of any item is good but prefer that kind which is made of millets. Eating bread daily in the morning along with egg white is a perfect breakfast. You can take it in evenings also. Bread made of millets is rich in fiber.


Carrot is very tasty. It can be taken either in raw or cooked form. Though little bit costly prefer eating it. 100 grams of raw carrots have 2.9 grams of fiber in it and when it is boiled it lessens by 6 grams. It can as well be used for salad dressings.

The above is the list of foods rich in fiber and are also good for health.

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