Eat and lose weight in a week

There is nothing as difficult as losing weight and bringing back the body into shape. It will easily take months time to reduce weight. This is the reality and bitter fact but don’t get surprised if we say you can reduce weight in just 7 days. Yes!!! You can… are the rules to follow to lose weight in a week. Here we go with how to lose weight in 7 days.

The first natural weight loss tip you have to follow as part of losing weight in 7 days is to check your BMI and know your additional weight.

The first day of the 7 days weight loss program is very important. Your diet on this day should have only fruits. Eat only fruits on the first day. You can eat any kind of fruit you wish except bananas. We recommend watermelon as it is one of the best weight loss foods as it has high amounts of water and needed minerals to keep the body away from fatigue. By eating fruits on the beginning day, you are preparing your body and digestive system for the next 6 days that follow. Drink more water along with taking fruits whenever you feel hungry. Remember you are not stuffing anything into your stomach other than fruits on this day.

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The 2nd day you should take vegetables alone. For breakfast eat boiled potatoes. For the rest of the day, you can take any kind of vegetables that you wish to take. You can either take raw or boiled vegetables. If you wish you can add little salt and pepper. The only rule you should follow is not to take oil in any form.

On the third day of your weight loss program, you can take any kind of vegetable and fruit other than potato and banana. Follow this strictly as this is the day the fats accumulated in the body start to dissolve.

On the fourth day, you should take only 3 glasses of milk and 8 bananas all through the day. In case you feel like taking any other thing you can take some kind of vegetable soup but limit this to 1000 milliliters only. From this day, the body begins to feel easy and the body will also begin to sustain hunger.

From the fifth day, you can start taking rice or some form of carbohydrate food. But limit this to a single cup. You can eat these with some kind of boiled green leafy vegetable without adding oil. Take tomatoes as snacks in the morning and evening.

On the sixth day eat one cup of brown rice and raw vegetables. You can as well eat boiled vegetables without adding oil.  Take fruit juices also if you feel hungry.

On the last day, you can feel the changes in your body. Follow the same menu which you have followed on the 6th day on this day too.

That’s it follow the same menu and easy weight loss tips for the rest of the days in the month to keep the body weight as it is.

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