Easy ways to reduce cardiovascular diseases

Heart diseases and strokes have become common due to many factors in play then how to prevent stroke and heart attack? Here are the ways and means to avoid them….

Take accountability of your health:

One way to lessen the chances of hitting death due to cardiovascular diseases lies not only in knowing the risk factors of heart diseases but also in treating them at the appropriate time. Suffering from diabetes increases the risk dramatically. So you know you should treat diabetes to lessen the chances of heart problems, alike to diabetes there might be many ailments secretly spreading in the body. Try to know all of them and treat all the risk factors. So the first step in battling heart diseases is to consider your overall health.

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Neither be a passive nor active smoker:

Just stay off from all tobacco products, mostly out of cigarettes, lots of evidences say either passive or active smoke can easily land you in heart disease zone. Smoke not only enhances the chances of heart disease but also lung diseases and peripheral vascular stroke and disease.

Know the risks:

One of the highly dominant risk factor to fall trap for heart diseases is age. The more you grow in age the higher the risk factors. Followed by age is the family history. The more the number of people you have in your family line with heart problems the more you are under risk.

Keep an eye on blood pressure:

Hypertension or simply known as high blood pressure is a silent killer that can lead to many diseases and one deadly disease amongst them is heart diseases. Increased blood pressure leads to tear and wear of the blood vessels, which automatically thins them. And also keep in mind the more the blood pressure rises the more you are inviting the heart strokes.

Monitor the cholesterol:

Abnormal cholesterol is one of the prime factors of heart diseases. There are two types of fats: Good fats and bad fats. Decreased amounts of good fats and increased amounts of bad fats can trigger heart problems. And in order to have good fats you need to have good fat content foods. So keep an eye on what you eat.

Limit the calories:

Fad foods are simply blots. They just pile calories which in turn leads to obesity which in turn leads to diabetes and which in turn enhances the chances and risks of heart diseases. It is a cyclic chain. The more you take the foods that increase calories the more you will be at risk and so keep an eye on what you eat and also monitor the physical activity. Eat according to the activity you do.

Reduce stress:

Increased stress can easily lead to heart disease. The number of people who die due to heart strokes due to increased stress is on high. So implement as many means as possible to lower the stress.

By implementing all the above said easy tips one can easily ward off heart related problems. Also keep an eye on what kinds of pills you are taking. Some might increase the chances. So you have got all the tips on how to avoid heart disease and stroke?

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