Easy tips to get white teeth with home remedies

Are you sick of having yellow teeth and are fed up with trying different kinds of pastes, only to see no results? Here are few home remedies to get white teeth naturally. All you need to do is eat the below-mentioned foods or make a home remedy using them. Mere eating these foods will give white teeth. Here we go with the foods and natural ways to whiten teeth.

Holy basil:

This wonderful ayurvedic plant is highly useful in removing the plaque from teeth. Grind holy basil leaves and make a paste. Use this paste on a brush to clean the teeth. Doing so for a week will remove the plaque and also whiten the teeth.


Salt has been a kind of natural tooth wash in the primitive days when there were no artificial toothpastes for people. Even now, it is used in commercial toothpastes vividly. Salt not only gives a taste to food but also whitens the teeth. It is highly effective in battling out germs and yellowness of the teeth. Use it daily to rub the teeth to get stunning white teeth.

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Orange peel is highly useful in cleansing the teeth and using it is the best tip to get white teeth. The fruit and peel are equally high in vitamin C and calcium. Eat the fruit daily to kill the bacterium that causes yellowness to teeth. Using this peel to rub the thrice in a week is also one natural way to remove the yellowness.


Lemon has natural bleaching agents. These agents act actively on yellow teeth. Rub the lemon peel on teeth to ward off yellowness or drinking lemon juice daily is also one easy way to get shinier and white teeth.

Baking soda:

This is highly useful in giving whiteness to teeth. All you need to do to get shinning teeth is to use half teaspoon of baking soda in your toothpaste and brush daily.


As per dentists, this human-friendly fruit is very good to give white teeth. Mash these fruits into paste and use this paste to brush the teeth daily at nights. Doing so regularly will whiten the teeth and ward away yellowness of teeth.


An apple a day not only keeps a doctor away but will also keep yellowness of teeth away. There are certain kinds of acid in this fruit that fight the cavities and also the agents that cause yellow color to the teeth. So eat one apple daily and see the magical effect of it in dazzling your teeth.

Coconut oil:

It may sound odd when we say using coconut oil gives white teeth naturally, but you have to recognize the fact. This has been a remedy according to Ayurveda since ages to fight yellow teeth. Use nearly 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for oil pulling and see the magical effects. The lauric acid in this oil will rid off the bacteria that causes yellowness to teeth.

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