Easy house cleaning tips for a clean home

A clean home gives clean health. The more the neat and clean your home is the healthier you will be both in mind and body. The reason is simple, clean and serene surroundings are what are needed for healthy life. So be sure that you clean your home as often as possible. Don’t think it’s a herculean task. It is just as simple as cleaning your body. Here we go with easy home clean tips.

Keep the home away from harmful air pollutants:

Keep the windows closed during peak hours of the day. This will keep your home not only air pollution free but will also not allow the dust to enter your house. Smoking is also to be avoided if you wish to have breathable air. Do these two simple things and that’s it your home is free from all air pollution.

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Keep the bathrooms dry:

Bathroom is always wet as it is one place where water is most often flown. However try to keep it as dry as possible as this is the place where fungus and bacterium will grow easily if it is damp. Keep a bathroom fan that will dry up the bathroom soon after using it. Set timer to the fan so that you need not waste time to switch it on and off.

Keep the kitchen tidy:

If there is one room in the house that is next to bathroom in the house in building up germs is kitchen. This is the place where we find all the edibles which come with their own set of pollution and unhealthy organisms. Be careful and clean them as soon you get them into kitchen, more importantly vegetables, and fruits. Fridge should be cleaned every weekend. Also try to keep the usage of gas stoves to the minimum as using it will release nitrogen dioxide, a deadly gas. Make sure that the gas stove is placed near the windows and also keep the windows open. Turn on the exhaust fan as far as the stove is on.

Better to not have carpets:

Carpets add beauty to home but only at the cost of health. They are resting home for many pollutants such as dust, harmful chemicals emitted in home, fungus and also the dirt form pets. Many think vacuuming them will remove many dust particles, of course it does but chances are high that the dust particles in them might get mixed with air. Despite saying all these, still if you wish to keep carpets at least use high efficiency particle air vacuum cleaner for enhanced protection.

Keep the coolers clean:

These are also sensitive things present in home. Clean them as often as possible. Remove the dust and drain the remaining water in them. So, that they are not housing dust and germs.

Apart from all the above even pet care is important for cleanly home. Be careful with them. Don’t allow them to roam in each and every corner of the home. Keep an earmarked place for them and also keep them tidy. Follow these household cleaning tips and be free from all sorts of hassles.

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