Easy home remedies to get silky hair….

Are you worried about dry and unhealthy hair and want to get them repaired using natural ways? Then here are easy tips to get silky hair at home. These are natural and have no side effects

Egg mask:

We all very well know that egg is rich in proteins, not only this; it is even high in iron, sulphur, selenium, zinc, iodine, and phosphorus. All these are very vital for proper growth of the hair. So, one easy way is to eat them regularly or make a DIY paste at home. Add honey and olive oil each of them in 1 tablespoon quantity to egg white. Mix them well to make a paste. Apply this paste on hair and leave it for nearly 20 minutes and cleanse the hair with cold water. Doing so regularly will leave behind shiny hair.

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Onion serum:

Onion is rich in sulphur, which has a key role in the growth of hair. All you need to use onion for hair is to choose onions in those are red in color and squeeze them to get serum from it. Apply this on the scalp and cleanse it with a good shampoo after half an hour.

Henna pack:

Henna is a natural conditioner and fortifies the hair follicles naturally. Make a natural homemade pack for silky hair by mixing a cup of henna powder in a cup of yogurt. Once the pack is ready, apply this to hair, right from the follicle to tip of the hairs. Allow it to dry and wash off with a shampoo using cold water.

Indian gooseberry:

This fruit is treasure to antioxidants and vitamin C. This fruit has a major role in keeping the health of the hair and also protects the hair pigmentation from getting damaged; this means the hair does not lose its natural color. All you need to use Indian gooseberry for health of the hair is to take either two teaspoons of this powder or serum and add two tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Mix both of them well and apply it to the scalp. Let it stay for half an hour and use lukewarm water to cleanse it.

Green tea:

We all know how vital green tea is for health due to its huge antioxidants. All you need to use green tea on hair is to use its decoction on scalp, but see to that it is lukewarm. Apply it on the scalp and wash it after an hour using cold water. Doing so will give shiny hair.


Black pepper, as we know have many ayurvedic proprieties. These give a natural shine, thickness, mildness and volume to hair. The essential oils in them also give required dampness to the scalp. Take half cup of lemon juice and two teaspoons of black pepper. Make a paste out of them in the mixer. Apply this paste to hair follicles. Once application is completed, wrap the hair using a towel that is dipped in lukewarm water. Allow the towel to stay for half an hour and have a head bath to see dazzling hair.

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