Easy exercise for office fitness and relaxation

All the desk jobs require long hours of sitting and limiting to office surroundings. This situation has paved way for many problems, more importantly health problems related to all sorts of pain. But by doing simple relaxation exercises and by following certain tips the problems that arise due to sitting for long hours can be kept under control.

Relaxation exercises for neck:

The easiest way to relieve neck strain is to bend the neck backwards and frontwards. First bend the head towards the back as far as you can. Soon after this, stretch your head towards the front. While stretching forward see that your chin touches the chest. Repeat this process for 3 times. Then bend your neck towards your left shoulder. When you bend this way your ears should touch the left shoulder. Once you have done this on the left side repeat the same towards your right shoulder. Doing so will relax your neck and also your head.

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Exercises for shoulder:

Next to neck, shoulders get strained due to heavy typing and one simple technique to relax them is to rotate the shoulders anticlockwise for 13 times. This way you will not only relax your shoulders, but you can as well relax your neck and backbone. In case you can’t rotate the shoulders. Bend them either front or back and apply some pressure. Keep them in such position for few seconds. Repeat this process for 2 or 3 times. Even stretching the shoulders towards ears and getting them to normal position will also relax the shoulders.

Stand every now and then:

This is one of the easiest and best body relaxing exercises at  desktop to relive all the body strains that arise due to sitting for long hours. Every hour, stand once for few minutes, you can as well walk for few minutes. Doing so will relieve all the strains you have undergone for the past hour. Even the researches’ have found the same.

Relieving strained eyes:

Eyes are one part of the body that get strained easily. So we should know the ways to relieve strain. Rub the palms against each other till they become warm. Place your elbows on the desk, face the palms towards the sky and bend your head towards the palms. Close your eyes and rest them in the palms. Keep the eyes in palms for five minutes and you will be relieved.

Deep breathing:

Breathe in deeply and release the air slowly. But when you are releasing the air contract your stomach muscles. Doing so will relieve the strains of stomach muscles. This is the best relax at work techniques

Leg relief exercise:

Constant sitting will also affect the legs and cause pain to them. One simple exercise is to lift your legs to your knee point by sitting on your chair. Keep the raised legs as such for few seconds and bring them back to the floor. This will easily ward off leg pains.

Follow all these exercises in your office and you can instantly relieve the pains and also keep your health intact for years to come.

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