Easy and tasty yogurt summer mocktails

The best way to beat the summer heat is to rely on yogurt. It has the tendency of keeping the body hydrated. So eat it as much as possible or if you don’t like the taste of it then try these yogurt mocktail recipes. They are tasty as well healthy as they have all healthy ingredients in them.

1) Strawberry buttermilk recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    50 grams sugar

•    200 grams yogurt

•    5 milliliters of rose water

•    Required amounts of strawberries

•    20 grams cream

•    5 grams almonds

•    5 grams pistachio nuts

•    50 grams vanilla ice cream

•    Required amount of cherries

Preparation method:

•    Mix sugar, yogurt and ice cream and keep aside

•    Cut pistachio nuts and almonds into pieces and place aside

•    Smash strawberries and keep aside

•    Pour the yogurt mix into a glass and add strawberries, rose water and cream

•    Garnish with almonds, cherries, and pistachio nuts and it is ready to eat.

Photo Credit: http://delimocktail.blogspot.com

2) Yogurt saffron recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    300 grams of sugar

•    500 grams of yogurt

•    50 milliliters of milk

•    Pinch of Elaichi powder

•    Pinch of saffron powder

•    5 grams of Pistachio nuts powder

•    10 cherries

•    5 grams Almond powder

Preparation method:

•    Place yogurt in muslin cloth and allow it to hang for 2 hours

•    Add saffron powder to milk and keep aside

•    Take a pan. Add sugar and water and heat till you get sugar syrup

•    Now take yogurt and blend it

•    Add saffron powder, Elaichi powder, sugar syrup and stir well

•    Take this mix in serving bowl and add almonds, cherries, and pistachio powder and drink chilled

3) Baked yogurt recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    400 grams condensed milk

•    400 grams yogurt

•    400 grams of cream

Ingredients needed for fruit salsa:

•    1 star anise

•    75 grams of sugar

•    300 milliliters of orange juice

•    100 grams of cut kiwi, blueberry, and strawberry fruits

•    1 cinnamon

Preparation method:

•    Mix cream, yogurt, and condensed milk

•    Take the above mix in a ceramic cup and bake it for 12 minutes at 120 degrees heat

•    Boil orange juice and add sugar and cinnamon. Allow it to cool

•    Add orange juice to the baked yogurt cup

•    Garnish with cut fruits and serve

These are just a few of them. Many such tasty mocktails can be made using yogurt. In case you are too lazy to make all the above just blend yogurt by mixing water and add a little amount of salt, sugar, and Elaichi powder. Freeze for half an hour and drink.

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