Easy and natural ways to cure hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are in fact quite natural part of life and constitute anatomy’s normal features and everyone have them. They are problematic when they begin to turn itchy, bleed or cause pain. Fortunately we have innumerable natural ways to prevent hemorrhoids and also to treat them.

Increase fiber intake:

Hemorrhoids commonly occur when one has uncommon bowel movements. One of the best ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally is to increase the fiber content in the body either by taking fiber supplements or by taking fiber rich food. As per gastroenterologists and many doctors increasing fiber through food intake is best way when compared to taking supplements. Though fiber food may increase gas content in stomach it is nothing a matter of worry before piles problem. Per day at least 25 to 30gms of fiber should be taken without fail. Fiber rich diets include beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits.

Drink Sufficient Water:

Drinking correct amount of water is the simplest and most free way to cure and prevent hemorrhoid. We know this: water is the easiest and best cure for many of the stomach and digestion related problems but still we pay deaf ear. Eating fiber rich foods and taking plenty of water goes a long way in curing bowel disorders and hemorrhoid problems. Drinking sufficient water assists in easy bowel movement which prevents constipation and so the chances of having pile related problems are nullified. Always keep water nearby and stay healthy.

Exercise regularly:

Exercising is one of the best home remedies for hemorrhoids. Regular exercising aids in keeping the colon regular. But precautions should be taken to avoid such exercises that cause increased pressure on abdomen. Even exercises that lead to strain on abdomen muscles should be kept at bay. Any pressure on abdomen can enhance symptoms and problems associated with piles. All in all prefer light aerobics to ward off any chances of hemorrhoids that can arise due to exercising.

Don’t Battle the Urge:

When the nature calls obey it. When you feel there is some bowel movement and it is time to attend nature call respect it, this is the best way to save from hemorrhoids. By ignoring you are actually inviting risk to fall prey to piles. Never postpone it till you get time….obey the bowel and respect it both for piles prevention and good health in general.

Avoid Straining:

Trying too hard to let the stool out of the body is nothing but inviting hemorrhoids. You need not strain the body when you actually don’t experience it. Doing so will lead to pain and bleeding. Pushing too hard in toilets is what many of us do, which is a blunder for health, instead as said above just let it happen on its own when time comes.

Be Cautious With Laxatives:

To take laxatives is common for many of us to increase the free movement of feces but not all laxatives are safe for bowel health. Laxatives we use should correct bowel disorders rather than being strain on them. The best way is to use ayurvedic or homeopathic laxatives.

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