Easy and healthy tea beverages

Tea is good for health but drinking same kind of tea everyday made with tea powder, sugar and milk can be boring at times. That is why we are giving you some variety tea drink recipes that are not only as healthy as regular tea but are also flavored differently. Here are some of the variety tea drink recipes.

1) Citrus sweet tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 2 cloves

2) 1 family size tea bag

3) one and half cup of pineapple juice

4) Half cup of orange juice

5) 1/4th cup of fresh lemon juice

6) 2/3rd cup of sugar

7) Required amount of crushed ice

8) Lemon slices for garnish

Preparation method:

Take 3 cups of water and cloves; boil them for ten minutes on low steam. Following this off the stove and dip tea bag in hot water for 10 minutes and strain the concoction. Once it is cooled add orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice and sugar and stir well. Place it in fridge for an hour and serve chilled with crushed ice and lemon slices garnished on top.

2) Lemonade iced tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 3 cups of water

2) 2 family sized tea bags

3) Fresh mint leaves

4) ½ cup of sugar

5) 4 cups of cold water

6) 1 can of lemonade

Preparation method:

Boil three cups of water, once water is boiled well, take it off from the stove and pour it in a vessel. Add tea bags and mint leaves and close the container with lid. After lapse of ten minutes strain the water and add sugar.

Now take three parts of the concoction in a big glass container and add lemonade and 4 glasses of water and mix well. Place this glass on ice cubes and serve chill by adding lemon slices.

3) Pineapple holy basil tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 2 slices of pineapple

2) One and half cup of sugar

3) 4 cups of normal water

4) 6 bags of regular size black tea bags

5) ¼ cup of holy basil leaves paste

6) 6 cups of cold water

Preparation method:

Take pineapple slices, sugar and 1 cup of water (from 4 cups of normal water) in saucepan and heat them on low flames for 10 minutes. Take them off from pan and cool. Once it gets cooled blend them and strain all the ingredients. Boil 3 cups of normal water and boil the tea bags in it for a minute. Allow the bags to remain in boiled water for ten minutes by closing the lid and strain the decoction. Once the decoction gets cooled add pineapple mix and basil leaves paste. Finally add 6 cups of cold water and serve chill.

4) Ginger and honey sweet tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 3 cups of water

2) 2 family size tea bags

3) ½ cup of honey

4) 1 tea spoon ginger paste (fresh)

5) 7 glasses of cold water

6) Lemon slices for garnish

Preparation method:

Add tea bags to 3 cups of boiled water and allow the tea bags to boil for a minute and place them as such. Remove them after 10 minutes, strain and cool the concoction and ginger and honey. Then take all these in a big pan and add 7 glasses of cold water. Finally garnish with lemon slices and serve chill.

Above are 4 different types of tea drinks to save you from monotony.

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