Easiest natural ways to remove facial hair

Facial hair is common for many women, but this is what they don’t want and worry on how to get rid of hair on face naturally. Hair on the face will make the women look odd. Every woman tries all the ways and means to remove facial hair. They visit beauty saloons, wax and also spend on different cosmetic products to remove facial hair. They do all sorts of things but never try to give a try on kitchen items with a feeling that these are not effective. This is just a feeling but not the truth. There are many kitchen items which you can use on facial hair and remove them successfully and effectively and one more advantage is, these kitchen items are natural and are also less costly. Let us see how to use kitchen items to remove hair on the face naturally.

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Lemon pack:

Needed things:

•    One and half tablespoon of lemon juice

•    1 tablespoon of sugar

Preparation method: All you need to make this scrub is to mix both of them well in a bowl.

How to use?

Apply this evenly on the face, scrub well. Allow it to stay on the face for 10 minutes and wash well with water.

Uses of this pack:

This will remove the facial hair and also make the skin glow. Sugar will work as a scrub while lemon will work as a bleaching agent.

Lemon and honey pack:

Needed things:

•    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

•    2 tablespoons of organic honey

Preparation method: Take a bowl and mix both of the ingredients well and it is ready.

How to use?

First wash the face cleanly with water then apply this face pack on face using fingers. Allow this to stay on the face for 15 to 29 minutes and wash thoroughly to remove facial hair.

Uses of this pack:

Honey present in this pack will make the skin glow. It will even balance the PH levels in the body. Honey has hydrogen peroxide that will remove the dead cells. Now coming to lemon, vitamin C present in it will act as skin tone and make the skin radiant.

Papaya pack:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 tablespoon of milk

•    2 tablespoons of papaya pulp

Preparation method: Just take the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and mix well to get this effective natural facial hair remover pack.

How to use?

Apply this pack on face, see to that you apply more of this on the area where you have more hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and use your fingers in circular motions to remove the pack. Do it as you massage. Once the pack is removed, use water to clean the face.

Try these easy three natural homemade hair removal packs and you can see the results for yourself. They not only remove the hair but will also in addition give shine and suppleness to the face.

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