Easiest ideas to organize closets in less time

How many household items and clothes you have is not important. How well you are organizing them is very important. How effectively you are using the space to stuff them and organize them is important. If you don’t have an idea of how to organize your clothes in your closet then you are wasting space and also time. To save from these two situations we are giving you closet organization tips.

•    Since ages, every one of us blindly followed the habit of using hangers to hang clothes. But actually this habit, of late has been under constant criticism. Hangers consume more space and also the chances of clothes getting spoiled by bugs is also more. Better fold the clothes and place them in closets or plastic boxes.

•    It is always better to have few divisions to make boxes in the closet. This is more important if the closet is large in size. By doing so, you can as well place other things that you don’t use more often along with clothes.

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•    How to organize clothes in closet? While arranging clothes in closet arrange regularly used clothes on one side and not so regularly used clothes on the other side. This will save your time and you can also identify them easily.

•    If possible have a separate box in the closet. Let the box have the facility of locking so that you can use this box to place important things such as ornaments, important documents, mementos and also other things that have value, but you don’t use them regularly.

•    Avoid cardboard boxes and prefer to place plastic boxes in closets. Plastic boxes are more durable and are also easy to handle.

•    The best way to organize your closet and also to save space is to dispose of all the unwanted things and clothes from it. You can donate them or sell away for a lesser price if there is some way out.

•    Earmark separate sections in the closet for each type of clothes such as pants, shirts, woolen dresses.

•    It is better to arrange clothes based on people. Say there are 4 members of the family. Divide the closet into 4 parts and place them accordingly.

•    You should also keep cleaning the closets every now and then. This is the best way to give long life to clothes and material placed in cupboards and closets.

•    Always remember to lock them without fail or at least keep them closed so that flies and bugs don’t enter.

•    Place naphthalene balls for sure in cupboards to keep pests and other bacteria away.

Follow these and you can easily save space and also give long life for the material placed in cupboards.

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