Dry hair kitchen remedies

Silky straight or cascading waves, bouncy curls or wired rings, healthy nourished hair makes you look gorgeous and attractive. On the other hand, brittle dry hair can leave you feeling depressed and frustrated. If you’ve been wondering how to treat dry hair, the solution could well come from your kitchen or backyard garden. Check out these natural conditioners to fix dry hair.


This dry hair remedy is easily available in most kitchens. Eggs are a great source of protein and lecithin that return moisture and shine to dull, lifeless hair. Egg yolk is rich in fat and protein, while egg white contains useful enzymes that add luster and moisture to dry, dehydrated hair, giving it a softer, healthier glow.


Sour yoghurt is rich in lactic acids and fat. Lactic acid cleanses your hair and scalp while the fat moisturizes it. It also has protein that replenishes your mane, leaving you with soft nourished tresses.


Yes, your sandwich spread could actually help dry hair recover softness and shine. A rich source of protein, mayonnaise can be an excellent ingredient for dry hair treatment.


Fenugreek is a powerhouse of nutrients that help repair dry hair. It has nicotinic acid, protein, niacin, potassium, Vitamin C, amino acids, diosgenin and lecithin. Together, they pack a punch for dry hair, hydrating and strengthening your tresses for a fuller, healthier look.


A vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) rinse after washing your hair is a good dry hair natural remedy. Initially, you could do this twice a week, but gradually reduce it to once in two weeks, since excessive use can make the hair drier than it was! Also, protect your eyes from vinegar, as it may cause burning or irritation if it enters the eyes.


High in potassium, bananas make an excellent ingredient to at-home dry hair repair solutions. It prevents split ends, softens and nourishes dry hair and treats dandruff and itchy scalp too.

Aloe Vera

The sticky aloe vera gel helps to deep condition dry hair and renders them much more manageable than before.


An excellent source of protein, beer helps to condition dry hair, leaving it smoother and shinier than before. Shampoo your hair normally and then spray some beer onto it. Let your hair dry naturally, to avoid the smell of beer from getting into your hair.

Dry hair oil treatment

Hot oil treatment has since long been used for dry hair repair. You could do this yourself, or better still ask someone to do it for you. Use your fingertips to massage the oil well into your hair and scalp- this improves blood circulation in your scalp that stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum that creates a natural healing layer for your hair. Heating the oil makes sure it penetrates deeper into the roots of your hair, lubricating the hair and sealing the damage caused by roughness. If your hair is extremely rough and frizzy, you could start doing this twice or thrice a week and then reduce it to once weekly. You may use coconut oil (with a few drops of lemon juice, if you please) as the base oil or you could also use almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, corn oil or olive oil for this treatment. Hot oil massage ensures that the goodness and nutrients of these oils are transferred to your hair and scalp leaving them replenished and nourishes. Olive oil, for instance, is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants while castor oil has long been known to add more volume.

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