Dress salads with these flavors for taste and health

Salads are not only tasty they are as well healthy when compared to other kinds of daily foodstuff. These can be more healthy and tasty when certain flavors are added. Here are few salads flavors with which you can dress the salads with. Give a try and see the changed taste and flavor they bring to your daily salads.

Strawberry flavor:

The one easiest flavorful salad recipes to make your salads more healthy and tasty is to add strawberries to them. Just cut the strawberries into pieces and dress the salads with them. You not only get flavor and taste by adding these, you are also getting more antioxidants. When strawberries are added to bitter tasting vegetable salads they give a magical taste, i.e., you are getting bitter and sweet taste at a time!

Lemon mint flavor:

If you wish to give your salads a difference, richness, goodness, freshness and also the taste of citrus fruits then you definitely need to add lemon and mint flavors to them. When the vegetable pieces boiled in steam are added with these two delicious flavors then the joy of eating salads will reach heavens. All you need to do to give the breeze of lemon flavor to the salad is to sprinkle few lemon drops and add mint grate once the salad is made.

Honey pepper:

These two are the best to dress salads made with tomatoes and grilled chicken. When these two are added along with vinegar the taste and health have no boundaries. But two precautions should be taken you should grind the pepper for fresh pepper powder and also add only the purest of the pure honey.

Blueberry and yogurt:

When vegetable salads made with lettuce and such kind of vegetables are dressed with yogurt and blueberry dressing then the taste will be such that your tongue just cannot stop smacking more. This dressing is rich in vitamins and also proteins and so can easily keep you get going and also reduce the ill effects of the sun. Not only the dressing made by these two tastes the salad but will also fill your hunger easily.

Fruit puree:

When the bowl has vegetables in full quantity the desire to eat gets lesser. The only way to give taste and make it interesting to an eye is to dress it with fruit purees. You can add any fruit puree and increase the taste by adding the lemon squeeze or you can try mixed fruit puree to dress the salad. This dressing not only gives a creamy texture to the salad but will also give health.

Now, whenever you feel your salads are boring and need little extra taste then follow these yummy salad dressing recipes.

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