Does your Android device have these Android Apps

Android apps are many but not all are needed to be installed and active on your Android devices. However, there are certain Android apps that definitely need their presence for mightier performance and safety of your Android phones, Tablets, and other Android run devices. Here we shall list the best Android apps that your Android devices must have.


We need a rock-solid VPN to keep Android phones protected on public Wi-Fis and one such VPN is ExpressVPN. It is not only the most relied and secure brand but is even an extremely safe and super fast VPN having an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption, this ultimately provides unmatched speed and unlimited bandwidth. It has its servers in seventy-eight nations and in more than 100 localities across the globe. So, the best experience is guaranteed wherever you are.

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This app is without any second thought the finest weather app at present. It has an easy, paginated layout that displays the existing weather, forecasts for nearly 12 weeks, radar, and few other fun statistics. In addition to these, there are also cluster of customizable widgets and the customary substance of harsh weather notices and radar, using which the approaching of storms can be noticed. The minimum design is the hallmark of this Android application.


LastPass is just the must-have Android app. It is a password manager and allows the user to save login credentials securely and safely. Above this, it will even assist in generating almost not possible passwords to use on the accounts. It is completely controlled with the help of 1 master password. This app comes with cross-platform assistance and so the user can use it on tablets, mobile devices, computers or whatever device. Though the Android market has such apps in bulk this LastPass has more trust and more importantly it is much cheaper than its counterparts. There is also LastPass Authenticator for additional security.

Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher can’t be compared to other routine launchers as it has been updating consistently right from its launch. It has an array of features including the capability to backup and re-establish the icon theming for total Android apps, home screen setups, hundreds of customization aspects for the app drawer and home screen. The user can also give the Pixel Launcher look for this launcher if wishes. Subscribing to premium version assists tacking gesture controls, icon swipe actions, and unread count up badges for applications.

Pocket Casts:

If you love enjoying podcasts and you are in doubt regarding which podcast app to go for then the answer is simple, it is Pocket Casts. This insanely steady and high-end application lets the user not only to download but also stream varied podcasts. It has both video and audio-only podcast assistance and this lets the user go for anything he/she wishes. There’s even a dark and light theme, a sign-in aspect so that synching of podcasts across all the devices, and a decent good enough suggestions function.

Solid Explorer:

Every user will browse files and it is just inescapable and one solid file browser the Android users can blindly rely upon is Solid Explorer. This marvelous file explorer app comes with archiving support, Material Design, and also assistance for the majority of renowned cloud services in addition to possessing few other additional power user things such as FTP, WebDAV, SFPT, and SMB/CIFS support. It has great appealing looks and is also stable and works really well. Still, don’t trust us, go for 14 days free trial, and if satisfied purchase the app.


This is a magnificent app if you possess the patience and time to study how to make use of this app. What Tasker performs is allowing the users to make custom made instructions and then using them in different locations. Many apps are out there that possess Tasker support and the user can also use this Tasker app to create extremely difficult instructions for NFC tags. It is hard to truly elucidate what this application can really perform as it can carry lot many actions.


Any phone has the texting app. However, those texting apps are generally not so good and hard to use. But this particular texting app, Textra isn’t so and is the most trusted texting app. It takes into account basic texting needs and the user can send MMS and SMS messages to wished ones swiftly and also in the most advanced format. The app comes with group texts and the app itself can be themed. The user can make out for a light or dark background, a first-preference color and also an accent color. This clearly says that no 2 Textra setups will have the same look until you wish for. In addition, a handy bot is present in this app to convey news regarding updates and what the app has for you.


Zedge is an alarm tones, wallpapers, notification tones, and ringtones app that provides the user an amazing number of alternatives to tailor the most fundamental parts of the device. Above the fact that this app has a comprehensive compilation of things, it even promotes varied items at the time of holidays making it easier to theme up the mobile for Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and rest of the holidays.

Google Assistant:

It is the most mighty Android app and works on all most all the Android devices. Just download and ask whatever information you want it will say out in just seconds. The more enthusiastic fact is that it supports a diversity of commands. The app is free, however, the hardware stuff may cost the user.

So, check once if your Android devices are having these apps if not its high time to install them to enjoy the best features of Android supported apps.

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