Does stress effect skin? ‘Yes’ says the studies

Skin is not only affected by the diet we take and the environmental factors, latest studies are saying that even stress and mental conditions can have their effect on skin’s nature and tone. There is close relation between stress and your skin. Stress and depression have negative effect on skin and can lead to lot many skin problems such as dark under eye circles, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and acne. The only way to fight all these skin related problems is to reduce stress. The studies have also stated that negative thinking is more dangerous to skin than depression.

The only way to battle out these negative impressions on skin is to battle out mental stress and stay calm. The increased pressure in daily chores and office works is leading to increased stress hormones in humans which will directly effect on body’s immunity system. This situation eventually leads to anxiety and causes unwanted fears in humans and lowers the immune functions. And the same situation will lead to unhealthy eating habits, anger, depression and augmented fears which will directly lead to negative effects on skin. Even the moods will affect the tone and health of the skin.

Depression and stress will lead to increased cortisol production, which will lead to decreased blood flow to the organs and in turn this will give a dull look of the face. The blood vessels in the face get affected and give older looks. Anger is also one mental condition that can badly affect the skin. The muscles in the face will get affected and will lead to increased wrinkles, white patches along with lessening the healing power of skin.

One of the other factors of mental stress, i.e. depression in the long run will lead to many skin problems along with insomnia, which is again a negative factor to skin. Insomnia can cause dark under eye circles, eye bags and decreased radiance of the skin. Wrinkles sometimes are formed due to lack of sleep.

While these are the skin problems that arise due to depression, fear on the other hand can lead to acne and skin hormonal problems along with pigmentation. It can even lead to increased hair fall. The skin muscles undergo increased stress and as such can lead to sagginess and wrinkles on skin.

Mental stress will also lead to dehydration, a factor that can bring havoc on skin, so in case you are traced with depression drink more water to stay out of dehydration and also to keep the skin supple and radiant. Avoid fast-food culture and depend more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Depressions as said earlier will imbalance the hormonal balance, which will lead to imperfect skin. Hormonal balance will lead to less secretion of estrogen that is very much needed to glow the skin. Another effect of depression is it leads to polycystic ovarian disease which will hamper the goodness of skin.

So going by the researches, these are all the effects improper mental conditions can cause on skin so follow good and calm life and glow the skin. Hope you got all the answers for what can stress do to your skin.

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