Do you know the causes and symptoms of neck pain?

In this modern world many of the people are suffering from neck pain irrespective of age and gender due to varied reasons. The statistics say that at least 2/3rd of the population is suffering from neck pain. The intensity of the pain can enhance due to backbone problems, not attending the pain in correct time, or also due to lack of correct medication. Neck pain is rampant in middle aged people. Let us see all the causes, diagnosis and also precautions to be taken with neck pain.

The causes for neck pain are: The causes for neck pain are varied and differ from person to person; anyways the following are the causes in general.

  1. Sitting before computers has become mandate due to increased work pressure. This is primary cause for neck pain.
  2. Using pillows that are high.
  3. Too much journey.
  4. Using chairs to sleep
  5. At times neck injuries can also cause pain due to weakening of neck bones.
  6. Growing age is also one cause for neck pain.
  7. Doing works that cause strain on neck.
  8. Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D.
  9. The lessening of discs can also cause neck pain.
  10. It can also be caused due to formation of tumors in neck bones and also when the disc is misplaced.
  11. Even some kinds of infections can also cause neck pain.
  12. Lack of proper exercise and also lack of fitness in the muscles of backbone and neck will cause pain in the neck.

Symptoms of neck pain:

  1. The first and foremost sign of neck pain is pain in the neck and it can even spread to back side of head.
  2. Facing difficulty in moving the neck sideways. Sensing pain when the head is bent forward.
  3. Numbness in hands.
  4. Inflammation in the region between neck and shoulders.
  5. In extreme cases shivering in legs and hands and also difficulty to urinate.

Neck pain diagnosis:

The easy way to know if you have neck pain is to go for x-ray. MRI test is useful to know if there are any problems with disc. Blood tests such as CBP, EIR, and ANS.

Precautions for neck pain:

  1. When working before computers for long hours is mandate don’t stay in single position for much time.
  2. Keep the head straight while working.
  3. See to that you sit in correct posture.
  4. Lessen the time spent on journeys.
  5. Do exercises each day, particularly those related to neck.
  6. Take correct diet, see to that the diet is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Egg, fruits and milk are good sources for D vitamin and calcium.
  7. Take rest when the pain is intolerable.
  8. Stay off from smoking and drinking as they weaken the bones.

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