Do you have these leadership qualities

If given a chance would you like to lead or be lead? Everyone wishes to lead and be a leader. But being a leader isn’t as easy as said. One needs to have certain qualities to emerge as a leader. Here are few leadership skills to be a leader remembered for ever.

Transparency in communication:

No leader has evolved nor has been successful as a leader without knowing how to communicate. Perfect communication is what is needed to be a successful leader. It is not enough if you know how to communicate alone you also need to be transparent in communicating. Communication needs to be a two-way process. When you say something, you should also allow the other person to say his/her version. Unless the communication is a two-way process, it is never fruitful.

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Be proud but not egoistic:

Every leader needs to possess a commanding quality, clearly stating and sending signals to followers that he/she is here to command and guide. To this extent, no one denies the right and privilege of a leader. Leadership is effective and commanding when it comes with some sense of pride. But being proud is different to being egoistic. As soon as a leader turns egoistic in nature the downfall as a leader starts to set in. Having healthy pride in doing things will set in good results.

Set an example:

Setting an example is one of the qualities of a leader to have for sure. If you can’t lead and only try to get the things done from others, you are not a good leader. Your actions should be benchmarks, and the way you lead should be an example to your followers. Whatever you do you should do keeping in mind others’ perspective. As a leader, you are observed and are guessed with your actions. So be a setter and set only good examples for others. It is the only way to win confidence and trust of your followers. Mere talking of words is of no use unless clubbed with live examples. Keep this in mind and act.

Appreciate and reward:

If you are not in a position to recognize the good and success achieved by your subordinates then you are a misfit for the role of a leader. Don’t miss out any chance that gives you a scope to recognize the work done by your fellows. Not only recognizing you also need to reward befittingly. The reward need not always be monetary even a small praise that comes truly from the heart will make you move one step ahead as a leader.

Rectify but never ridicule:

As a leader, you are a mentor. You need to correct people when they are wrong. Correcting should be in a positive direction and not in a negative way. It is enough if you can rectify. Don’t go that extent to criticize and bring down the morale of your followers.

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