Do you have a leader in you….

A leader is one who leads and to lead is no easy work on any given day. People look up to you when in trouble. People depend on you for help. People revere your words and follow them blindly. Apart from all people believe you are an incarnation of success. When these many stupendous things go hand in hand to make a leader do you think you can be one? Yes! You can. Here are qualities of a leader that distinguishes him/her from the rest. Here we go with traits of a leader.

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You are never a leader unless you communicate. This is the first quality of leader. You should know what to communicate and whom to communicate and at what point to communicate or else you can never be a leader. Your communication need not be like that of a well distinguished orator. It is enough if your words make sense and are understood by others. Remember there is no action without communication.

Never be in haste:

A thin line separates us from being a successful leader and that is the ability to understand the importance of being silent and calm. As a leader, you are never supposed to be in haste. Your decision in the capacity of a decision maker will affect the lives of many. So remember the thumb rule: HASTE MAKES WASTE. If things have to be winded up successfully peaceful decision making is important than hurry burry decisions.  Also don’t be a tortoise in making up mind.


All the leaders have this quality in common. They respect everyone and anything. They know the value of existence and so they don’t treat anyone with disrespect. They firmly believe that disrespect to co-fellows is disrespecting oneself. Unless you know how to respect others you will never gain respect and unless you gain the respect you will not be a leader.

Be proactive:

You should always be buzzing with energy. As a leader if you are not active then the whole team will stay dormant. Do you wish to see your team dull and lazy or do you wish to see your team with full of energy and vibrancy? Yes, we know every leader wishes people around him to be in full senses and full activeness. You can see this happen only if you are active. Your activeness is their catalyst.

Be compassionate:

Compassion, fairness and integrity are what that separate normal people from leaders. You are never a leader without being compassionate for others. Take any greatest leader on earth beginning with Gandhi to Martin Luther King. One commonality is loving and caring for people.


A leader is always a visionary. He has a vision, a plan of action for people and a good for society. Unless you are a visionary you are not called a leader.

So you got your answer on how to become a good leader. Follow them and lead others.

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