Do you believe these myths about acidity….

Acidity has become very common for many people these days due to varied reasons. It can be cured and kept in check when we know the proper reasons behind it and one way to know exact reasons is to stop believing myths. Here are the facts and myths about acidity.

Myth: Acidity is an indicator for bad health.

Fact: Acidity should not be considered as a sign of ill health. Even hereditarily caused acidity is not a major problem if it is does not turn out to be a major health obstacle. Mainly three factors are responsible for acidity….

1) Increased stress.

2) Increased consumption of spicy and fried foods, not eating at correct times, foregoing eating every now and then.

3) Alcohol consumption

Doctors warn that the acidity problem should not be taken lightly and that it should be cured at proper time. Sometimes acidity can also lead to serious problems such as ulcers when left uncured for many days.

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Myth: Cold milk reduces acidity

Fact: As per doctors drinking cold milk is only temporary relief for acidity and does not give permanent solution. Not only this, even people are under the impression that cold lemon juice is also a relief for acidity, which again is a temporary relief. Even these do not go well with all people. In case you have the habit of drinking either cold milk or lemon juice daily to combat acidity it is high time to rethink as doctors are warning on this.  Doctors warn that regular consumption of cold milk can lead to milk alkali syndrome.

Myth: Heart burns always indicate acidity

Fact: The fact is that heartburn can as well be a symptom of another underlying disease. Of course heart burns are common with acidity but this does not mean that it alone is the source to heartburn. When one has acidity, heartburn is normally associated with burning sensation in the lower abdomen; this should be taken as an indicator if it is due to acidity or other cause. Lack of proper lifestyle, smoking, stress and lack of physical activity can lead to hyper-acidity warns the doctors.

Myth: Using antacid medications is safe

Fact: This is just another myth, any medicine when taken in long run will easily lead to side effects and medicines taken to treat acidity are no exception to it. In fact they can be more dangerous than other medications. Taking antacid chemicals such as sodium, calcium and carbonate can lead to milk alkali syndrome warns the doctors. Using of antacids such as Pepcid and zintac in the long run can also be dangerous as these medicines neutralize some kinds of natural acids present in the stomach that break the fats present in foods into small particles. These acids are also important to clean the stomach. So limit the medical usage to minimum.

These are all the vital facts about acidity and so now whether to believe myths or facts is up to you.

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