Do tuitions bring success or failure

Merit defines success in this competitive world and this has forced children to carry on more weight than they actually can. Stuffing each thing into little mind is the order of the day. Either we wish or not we are forced to put our dear little ones under constant pressure. The mere thought of how strained their brains can be under this situation can easily make any parent restless. But still many are not ready to take chances by not letting their children go away from the routine study schedule.

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Clubbed with this has evolved tuition culture, extra study hours, stipulated coaching and again comes the as usual daily time spent in schools. With this much study is the child really getting anything. Well, the time will decide but to us here the concern is when a child really needs those extra study hours or what we call in common terminology tuition. Well, let us analyze this situation.

Are tuitions really needed?

Well, we just cannot state it bluntly and the answer changes from pupil to pupil and situation to situation. Generally no child in primary schooling age needs tuition. While it may be recommended for middle schooling since it may help in inducing curiosity and interest for studies in them. It even helps in obstructing the deviance from studies. Now comes high schooling which even according to many educationalists should have some kind of private studies. This will gear up them for competitive exams and also help them understand the situation and core realities.

Anyways even this suggestion cannot be taken bluntly. There are many children who can excel and come with flying colors in academics without the help of private classes. In general tuitions are suggested only when one is unable to perform well due to many reasons and needs special time to do away this situation or else compulsory extra study hours can be done away with.

Even while the child is attending tuitions, success and academic up gradation cannot be guaranteed. The reasons such as incompetency of concerned tutor, presence of more children or sheer lack of interest in the student can be the causes.

Leave off the essence of tuition there were also instances where a child had hit low due to tuitions. So now this should be something to worry. Actually if the tuitions are such that they train the children to cope with academic pressure and help them understand the essence of studies and the life they will be more fruitful.

Tuitions should not just focus on increasing the number count of results they should focus on bringing out the creativity in children and encouraging them to develop love towards the subjects in which they are weak. Going by all these it is difficult to say whether tuitions are beneficial or not?

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