Dissolve kidney stones with Ayurveda

It is high time for us all now to turn to Ayurveda for treating all kinds of diseases, be it chronic or non-chronic. Though the treatment may run for a longer time, it is effective and also has permanent solutions for many kinds of diseases. One such treatment that we can find in this is- treatment for kidney stones. Let us see what Ayurveda has to treat kidney stones.

To say in normal terms, kidney stones are little, solid mineral deposits which form inside the kidneys. The symptoms of kidney stones include:

•    Severe pain in the back, especially beginning from below the shoulders to testicle area.

•    Lack of appetite.

•    Fever.

•    Lack of sleep.

•    Vomiting.

•    Pain and inflammation while urinating.

•    Sometimes blood along with urine can be seen.

•    At times, the kidney may turn like a rock due to deposits of stones in it.

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What are the causes of kidney stones?

Reasons differ from person to person but, in general, these are the causes:

•    Some kind of medicines taken for long term, mostly calcium tablets used to treat fractures and low bone density. The calcium present in these tablets turns into calcium oxalate and forms into stones in the kidneys.

•    Taking foods rich in phosphates, calcium, and oxalates.

Tips to avoid kidney stones?

The one easy tip to avoid kidney stone formation is to drink more water and other healthy fluids. Avoid foods that can lead to kidney stones and prefer fiber rich food.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones:

The below-stated treatments are part of the ayurvedic process to treat kidney stones naturally. To be more specific, they can rightly be called herbal remedies for kidney stones, which can be followed by anyone in case you have been deducted with kidney stones. But before going for them seek the advice of an Ayurveda doctor.

Holy Basil juice:

Ingredients needed: Honey and holy basil leaves.

Preparation method: Squeeze juice from holy basil leaves. Take a teaspoon full of it and also one teaspoon full of honey. Mix both of them and drink daily in the morning. Repeat this process for a minimum of 6 months and kidney stones will disappear.

Aerva lanata powder:

Ingredients needed: Water and Aerva lanata

Preparation method: This is a kind of herbal plant that is highly effective against many kinds of diseases and it has high reverence in Ayurveda treatment processes. All you need to treat kidney stones using this herb is to make a paste from its roots. Take one spoon of this paste with a little amount of water or take 30 milliliters of this root juice directly, 3 times per day.  Following either of the ways will cure kidney stones.

These two are easy and natural ways to cure kidney stones. So the next time when you are traced with kidney stones follow these in place of wasting energy, time and medicine on costly allopathic treatments.

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