Discover the unhealthy and harmful sides of Broccoli and Kale

Who does not like to eat broccoli? But it is possibly the healthiest food, rich in antioxidants and steamed broccoli can also lower the cholesterol level. Broccoli has the cancer-fighting characteristics and prevents the development of tumors by 60 percent and reduces the size of the tumor by 75 percent! Green vegetables are generally very nutritious for the body but keeping its intake under control is essential for fitness freaks.

Kale is renowned as “super food” and “new beef”. It’s a jack of healthy green nutrients having extensive benefits like cardiovascular support, antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory. Excess of anything has its own side effects as it can lead to hypothyroidism, a state in which the thyroid gland doesn’t make sufficient thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is also termed as an “under active thyroid.”

Green Vegetables are Most Likely to Be Covered in Pesticides

A lot of people think and believe that fresh green vegetables and vegetable juices have no disadvantages or no impairment on the body but surprisingly, research has shown and proved adverse effects of over eating of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard greens and kale. Jennifer Berman of “The New York Times” wrote that she used to be a major health food admirer drinking fresh vegetable juices and surviving on plenty of cruciferous vegetables on a regular basis. But  surplus and over eating affected her internally and her doctor told her that she is suffering from hypothyroidism, common in women over 40.

One more traumatic health trouble to add-on is that green vegetables and fruits are more harmful for teeth then chocolate or cola as it contains natural sugar causing decay in your tooth and gums. Vegetables are high in vitamin C which may prevent you from cancer and protect you from dental hitch. Simply cooked kale can mitigate the risk of enlarged thyroid and the goitrogenic properties of kale (major component that contributes to an enlarged thyroid) tend to disperse when kale or other veggies are cooked.

Boost your sperm performance by 8% with common vegetables

It is emphasized over and again that overeating causes catastrophe, which clearly states that consuming leafy vegetables at normal ratio will not generate any amount of side effects. Men eating vegetables will get boost in their sperm performance by 8% and a regular person with no thyroid issues who eats several servings of nourishing or wholesome vegetables in a week will not face physical problems and will sustain a healthy life.

One is always under presumption that consuming leafy vegetables in large quantities will prevent them from various terrifying diseases like brain tumor and cancer. However, it’s all about the right proportion and moderation as overdose of even love can become a poison. Reasonable care and regular health check-ups should be attended to avoid such worrisome situation and a trouble-free existence.

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