Discolored fingernails indicate discolors of health

Nails not only say about beauty but can also say many things about your health. Below are the health signs one can find out by having a look at fingernail disorders.

1) Crumbly or brittle nails:

Crumbly or brittle nail might be the outcome of aging. It can as well denote long exposure of nails to nail polish or detergents; at times it can even signify fungal infection in nail, Lichen planus, and psoriasis and thyroid disease. In exceptional cases crumbly or brittle nail can even be an indicator of Reactive arthritis.

2) Discolored nails:

Grey nails: These are the results of some medications.

Yellow nails: Yellow nails can be the result of prolonged nail varnish usage, but they can even indicate psoriasis or fungal infection of nails. They are also indicators for many other diseases like jaundice, sinus infection, problem with thyroid gland, lymphedema and lung infection.

Black-Green nails: These nails point out bacterial infections usually occurred underneath loose nails.

Purple or Bluish fingernail: They signify lack of correct oxygen in the body.

Brown nails: They can indicate malnutrition or thyroid disease.

White nails: These indicate aging, fungal infection in nails or deficiency of iron along with array of diseases like cirrhosis, heart or kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, malnutrition post chemotherapy.

Fingernails that are of half white color beneath the nails or half brown color close to the nail tips can indicate kidney failure or AIDS.

3) Thickened nails:

Normally these nails are the outcome of frequent fungal nail infection; however they can even connote the incidence of psoriasis and reactive arthritis. Thickened, Yellowish, and slowly growing nails might be the effect of lung diseases.

4) Loose nails:

The looseness of nails along with easily separable nature can indicate an infection or injury, along with the presence of psoriasis, thyroid disease, poor circulation or even reaction to medicines.

5) Spoon-shaped fingernails:

When the finger nails bend inwards and take a scooped look, it might indicate deficiency of iron, hemachromatosis, Reynaud’s disease, hypothyroidism and heart disease.

6) Pit or dents on nails:

Small dents or pits on the might indicate eczema, psoriasis, alopecia areata and reactive arthritis.

7) Grooves across the nails:

Presence of grooves or deep lines which run crossways the fingernail might be an outcome of chemotherapy, an injury in the past, exposure to cold climate, Reynaud’s disease, diabetes, zinc deficiency, illnesses linked to high fever and vascular disease.

8) Nail clubbing:

When the nails and fingertips are oddly curved around the fingertips, it can cause no harm, it happens due to enhanced flow of blood to the fingertips. But when this happens suddenly it denotes low oxygen content in blood which can say the presence of lung disease, and also other diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, or AIDS.

9) White lines that run across the fingernails

This indicates low protein levels in the blood, caused due to liver disease or malnutrition.

10) Brown or Red little streaks beneath the nails:

They are the result of tiny spoilt blood vessels.

So know the health signs in fingernails and act accordingly.

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