Different types sleep apnea commonly found in people

As per reports 6 out of every 10 people are suffering from one or other kind of sleep disorders. There are many reasons and diseases that cause sleeplessness but amongst all those only 80 of them have got scientific recognition. Let us see some of the most common causes of sleep disorders amongst those 80.


Amongst the different types of sleep disorders insomnia is very common. This is one of the sleep disorders that affect many out of all the sleep disorders. When one is affected with insomnia falling asleep becomes difficult. Even the amount f duration spent in the sound sleep is also less, and to be more specific sound sleep is a distant dream. On normal grounds, everyone who has crossed 20 years needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day. But this amount of sleep is impossible for people with insomnia. As per national institute of health, nearly 10 percent of people are suffering from this kind of sleep disorder.

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Exploding Head Syndrome:

People suffering from this kind of sleep problem experience huge sounds in the head. It generally happens before sleep or during the sleep. Though this disturbs the sleep pattern, it is not too dangerous to health.

Pre-running disorder:

This kind of sleep disorder will disturb the routine timings of the body, which means the body clock gets disturbed and, as a result, the person faces difficulty in sleeping. There will be no stipulated time for sleep. The persons suffering from this disease don’t know when their body gets asleep and when it wakes up. To say in simpler terms there is no specific time zone for sleep.

Fatal Familial Insomnia:

This is a kind of hereditary sleep disorder. This will affect the health of the brain. One more thing of worry is, till date there is no scientific recognized treatment for this disease. This sleep disorder begins with normal insomnia and gradually turns into fatal familial insomnia. As per records, this is present nearly in 40 to 50 people as of late studies.


SUNDS stands for sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome. This is deadly and takes life. Commonly people die in sleep when they are affected with this. As per studies, nearly 40 to 50 people out of every 0.1 million people face death due to this.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome:

People affected with this sleep disorder get extremely tired for no reason at all. They sleep for more hours in a day. To be more precise, they sleep for nearly 15 to 20 hours in a day.


As per previous records, nearly 31 thousand people in Britain are suffering from this disease. Normally one out of 10 lakhs people fall prey to this disease. In general, people affected with this disease fall asleep where ever and whenever without their control.

These are common sleep disorders.

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