Different types of millets and their health and nutritional value

What use is it to health and body by eating meat and other kinds of non-vegetarian foods except to feed the stomach and satisfy hunger? Here by saying this, we are neither against the routine food you take nor bluntly screaming at them. We are just trying to bring to your kind notice regarding the alternative foods such as cereals and millets you can take in place of them. They are also easily available same like the daily foods you take and in addition they are healthier in comparison to them. Here are the health advantages of millets. There are many kinds of millets and each of them has its own value to health.

•    The best uses of millets are you get fiber and minerals in no time. Normally any kind of millet has high fiber content, which generally is not found in regular meats and also in most of the daily food we take. Eating millets is nothing but increasing fiber content and which in turn leads to increased digestion and also lesser constipation problems. Gas troubles too can be kept in check as there is high fiber content in the body due to intake of millets.

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•    Among the millets benefits, foxtail millets have a special place. They have been a staple food in Mediterranean regions and in India more importantly. Its usage in Western countries is also on the rise as they have now come to know the magical effect of it on health. As per studies eating millets is one of the easiest ways to control diabetes and it was also found out that eating these could postpone the onset of diabetes. They are also helpful in keeping the heart problems away as they effectively keep under control the triglycerides in the blood. They may not taste tasty when taken in isolation and many of us don’t like its taste, in such cases check for some recipes and make them tasty and eat. But never do the blunder of not taking them just because they are not tasty.

•    Next in line comes Finger millet. These are no less to foxtail millets as far as giving health to us is concerned. Name a thing that is vital for health and they have it. They are rich in potassium, magnesium, carbohydrates, and iron. Seems like the modern food industry and also the consumers have found the real potency of it and we should be fortunate and happy for this. We are lucky to find them in many kinds of biscuits, cakes and other types of snacks. These are also highly useful in bringing down the body temperature. Cholesterol content too is less in them when compared to many other kinds of millets.

•    Kodo millets are highly useful for health. They effectively keep the kidney stones in check. They have high importance in Ayurveda since ages. These are highly useful in removing the toxins accumulated in the body and as a result cancers and heart problems can be kept in check.

•    Pearl millets are also highly useful for health and they can be mixed with other millets and can be used to make different healthy recipes.

Having now known all the millets uses and health benefits it is our duty to include them in our menu without fail.

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