Different types of egg packs and masks for complete skin health

Egg as we all think is not only a healthy food it is also one food that has high usage value in beauty. It can be used in many ways to be beautiful. Using it gives soft skin, healthy skin, perfect shape, reduces eye bags and also gives healthy and long hair. All you need to use egg as a beauty agent is to know how to use it. Here are few ways of using egg for beauty.

1) Egg is one natural ingredient to remove puffiness of eyes. Puffiness of eyes can be the result of many things such as drinks, stress, smoke and also improper sleep patterns. Whatever the reason, one single gun-shot answer is to use egg. Using egg white is the best way to prevent eye bags. Apply egg white on eye bags in a circular motion and wash off after 10 minutes with cool water. Repeat this process for a week or two and the puffiness of eyes will lessen naturally.

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2) Pimples are nightmare to beauty and they can easily make you look odd when you have them. Not only pimples, even the scars left behind after their wading off are also equally unattractive. Don’t worry it’s not only you who face this problem, there are millions who are under the same effect and you are more fortunate than them as you now are coming across the easiest way to beat pimples with egg.

All you need to do to treat pimples naturally is to again make an egg white face mask. Apply egg white on the spots where you have pimples or you can apply all over the face. Allow it to dry up. Once it’s dried, wash with lukewarm water. Do so each day once in the morning and evening for effective results.

3) Dryness of the skin is common in winters and few of us face this in all seasons. Many reasons can be listed but let us not worry about those reasons and see how to effectively keep dryness of the skin away. The easiest natural pack for dry skin is to mix egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice. Apply this pack on face and allow it to stay on for few minutes or till it gets dried up. Finally use warm water to clean. Doing so regularly is a permanent solution for dry skin and also to make the face glow.

4) Oiliness of face and skin makes you look aged and also lessen your attraction. No matter however pretty the face is. It makes odd looks. One easy way to remove greasy nature and oiliness of the skin is to make an egg face pack for oily skin by mixing egg white and coconut oil. Apply this to face, neck and also on skin area where you feel more oily. Allow it to dry and use lukewarm water to clean. Doing so will remove oiliness and make the skin glow.

5) The scars too can be removed easily by mixing egg white, rose water, olive oil and honey. Make a paste by mixing all these and apply to face. Wash off after 15 minutes and see lesser visible scars.

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