Different types of depression and their symptoms

It seems depression is the most common ailment for all of us. The mere sounding of the word ‘’DEPRESSION’’ is good enough to make people depressed. To get depressed and stressed out now and then is quite common. It is only a matter of depression and concern when you are depressed for longer time say, days, months and years. Staying continuously in depression can easily make you land up in a suicidal zone as per psychologists. To know it in detail and to know if you are suffering from depression then know the types and also causes of depression.

Along with knowing the types of depression and also the causes of it, you also need to know the precautionary measures to fight it out effectively. Here we go with them.

Symptoms of depression:

•    Anger

•    Uneasiness

•    Lack of appetite

•    Lack of sleep

•    Increased appetite

•    Lack of concentration

•    Suicide thoughts and attempts

•    Emotional imbalances

•    Anxiety

•    A feeling of sickness and recklessness for everything

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Causes of depression:

•    Prolonged anxiety

•    People who have confused mindsets

•    Prolonged intake of drugs and liquor

•    Diabetes

•    Cancer

•    Heart problems

•    Parkinson’s disease

•    Cancer

•    Sudden death of someone close

•    Failures

•    Professional and personal problems, when they are continuous

Now having known the causes and symptoms we will switch over to different types of depression.

1) Major depression:

The depression symptoms are too high. Lack of concentration on work, lack of sleep and also the lack of appetite can be noticed.

2) Dysthymic depression:

It runs for a longer time but with less severity of depression signs. These symptoms sometimes cannot be traced and lay dormant. People suffering from this look normal but have the signs of depression inside. The signs and symptoms in some people come and go.

3) Psychotic depression:

When you have depression symptoms along with hallucinations and delusions then it is known as psychotic depression.

4) Postnatal depression:

This is specific to women alone and it effects after delivery due to some hormonal changes.

5) Seasonal depression:

As the name suggests it is the result of seasons. This is the result of seasons. Some people fall prey to depression with changing seasons. All the symptoms or some of the symptoms of depression can be found. It takes place every year during the same season and goes off along with the lapse of the season.

The problems one faces with depression differ. But, in general, all the above symptoms mentioned are problems by nature.

Precautions to take with depression:

•    Seek the help of your near ones

•    Consult a good psychiatrist

•    Eat healthy food

•    Develop good lifestyle

•    Your food should definitely have zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin C.

•    Workouts and yoga

Follow these if you sense the symptoms of depression.

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