Different tea types for different blood types

A healthy life begins with healthy diet and good eating habits. According to doctors most of the illnesses are the outcome of improper eating habits and unhealthy intake of foods. A proper diet not only keeps the mind fit but will also give one the power to fight and resist mental stress. There are many ways to follow good eating habits. But not all these and all foods suit to all. As each human is different so should their food differ. Blindly following the same diet tips will give no use and in fact can cause problems to metabolism.

Basing on the health condition, climate, body needs and blood type the food should change. These days a new concept is making waves, which says the food we take should depend on the blood type and this is where from the concept of taking different teas for different types of blood have come into vogue. This theory advocates separate tea types for different blood types.

Below is the tea types based on each blood type:

Type O Blood:

As far the nutrition is considered with people having this blood group, they should prefer eating meat, and forego gluten and milk. The tea types suggested for these blood type people should be based on ginseng, green tea and ginger. Mint tea can be the perfect choice.

Type A Blood:

Very analytical and emotional, people having this blood group are always under endless threat of stress that is caused by augmented amounts of hormone cortisol. Though coffee brings no side effects it should be restricted to lesser quantity. The food this people eat should have more vegetables and fruits. Meditation and yoga should be part of day.

And as far as tea list consists, people having blood type A should prefer consuming mix of green tea along with jasmine tea. Jasmine tea should be taken in more quantities. Green tea along with mix of thyme and marigold is also best option. Chamomile tea is also one more best option.

Type B Blood:

People having blood group B by birth have a sluggish metabolism. They are also more at risk to get autoimmune diseases, lethargy, obesity, insomnia and chronic fatigue. In any case these people will have a strong resistant digestive structure, but have lesser defensive system against bacteria, particularly E. coli.

It is suitable to consume red roibisa, green tea, along with blend of teas known as roibosa, lemon balm and sage. Even pomegranate and hibiscus tea are good for type B blood.

Type AB Blood:

People having this blood group have a well-built intuition and so are prone to more stress along with having decreased libido. For these set of people the ideal preference is a blend of mint with green tea. Men having this blood type should drink mint tea, nettle and roibosa in combination.  Cranberry tea can also be another good choice.

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