Different coconut water drink recipes to chill

By mere drinking coconut water you are only fetching your thirst. Won’t it be good if you can fetch thirst and also give some extra minerals and vitamins to the body by making some tasty coconut mocktails? Here are few coconut water mocktail recipes give a try.

1) Cocopine jumbo:

Ingredients needed:

1)    45 milliliters of coconut water

2)    1 tsp of vanilla ice cream

3)    30 milliliters of pineapple juice

4)    Pinch of salt

5)    1 tsp of icing sugar

How to make?

Blend pineapple juice and coconut water for few minutes in a mixer. Again add salt, vanilla ice cream and icing sugar to mixer and mix for 3 minutes and it is ready, just serve it in a glass and start enjoying the taste.

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2) Coconut pineapple delight:

Ingredients needed:

1)    2 cups of coconut water

2)    4 cups of pineapple cubes

3)    One cup of fresh grated coconut

4)    1 cup of crushed ice

5)    4 tablespoons of sugar syrup

6)    4 pineapple fruit wheels

How to make?

All the ingredients excluding ice should be blended in mixer. Now share the cup of crushed ice equally into 4 glasses and fill the glasses with equal amounts of juice. Garnish the glass edges with fruit wheels and start drinking.

3) Blue shark:

Ingredients needed:

1)    One and half cup of lemon juice

2)    ½ cup of litchi juice

3)    3 spoons of sugar syrup

4)    Required amounts of ice cubes

5)    200ml of coconut water

6)    One and half  spoon of flavored syrup

7)    Fresh coconut grate to garnish

How to make?

Mix all the ingredients well excluding grated coconut and ice cubes. Pour this mix in glass and add coconut grate and ice cubes to have a tasty drink.

4) Melon tango:

Ingredients needed:

1)    2 cups of muskmelon slices

2)    2 cups of coconut water

3)    2 cups of orange juice

4)    Pinch of black salt

5)    2 tablespoons of  sugar

6)    Few mint leaves

How to make?

Grind the muskmelon slices well using a blender, filter it if you wish, then add all the ingredients and mix well, serve it in glass and start enjoying this smoothie.

5) Coco melon magic:

Ingredients needed:

1)    1 cup of fresh grated coconut

2)    2 cups of coconut water

3)    20 ml of honey

4)    300 grams of watermelon pieces

5)    50 milliliters of orange juice

6)    5 grams of mint leaves

7)    10 milliliters of ginger juice

How to make?

This is the easiest coconut mocktail to make out of the list mentioned here; all you need to do is to mix all the ingredients well excluding mint leaves. Place the mix in fridge till you feel it has got enough coldness for you to drink. Remove it, garnish it with mint leaves and it is ready to drink.

Is your tongue watery by just seeing these easy coconut water recipes……just give them a try?

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