Detail report of renal calculi to know it better

Many of the people are under the impression that an operation is the only savior to treat kidney stones. This is not always the case. There are many ways and other medical options such as Ayurveda and homeopathy. In fact, the operation can only remove kidney stones but it cannot stop reoccurrence and to stop reoccurrence the body’s nature should be changed. This is what the Ayurveda does.

The studies have traced that the number of people suffering from kidney stones is on the rise since 20 years. The problem of kidney stones in medical term is known as renal calculi. To understand it even better, you should know the below facts:

Causes of renal calculi:

•    Eating less fiber food

•    Eating more non-veggie foods

•    Having high mental stress and depression

•    High blood pressure

•    The other materials such as magnesium, phosphates, citrate, oxalates, few types of antacids and diuretics.

•    Even gout can be the cause. When there is a pH change in the urine then gout patients can fall prey to kidney stones.

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Signs and symptoms of kidney stones:

•    Bleeding

•    Inflammation and a feeling of sensing some blockade while urinating. Pain is also felt while urinating

•    Vomiting and a sense of nausea

•    High fever

•    Stomach ache and back pain

•    Waist pain

Precautions to take with renal calculi:

•    Take more fluids. The more fluids your intake has the better you are facing kidney stones

•    Take more water and also barley water

•    Stay away from non-vegetarian foods as much as possible

•    Take foods rich in vitamin D and vitamin C. You can as well take supplements of them

•    Dairy products though are good, in general, they don’t go well with renal calculi

•    Foods such as spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and tomato should be taken very less. If possible you can avoid them completely and search for some other alternative to get the vitamins and nutrients you are missing by foregoing them.

•    Make changes in your lifestyle

•    Keep stress and depression away

•    Stay away from oily foods. This is not only needed to keep renal calculi away, but you also need it to keep obesity away and invite good health

Ayurvedic treatments for renal calculi:

There are many treatment options available to treat kidney stones in Ayurveda. Treatment is given based on the health condition of the patient and severity of the problem. It focuses on complete treatment and implements the means where the reoccurrence is not seen. But for all these to happen, you need to choose an expert ayurvedic practitioner.

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