Dangers of drinking alcohol with diabetes

Everyone is aware of food to take with diabetes and also many of the diabetic patients follow diabetic diet plan strictly but the problem arises with alcohol consumption. We know, alcohol as it is can be dangerous on anyone and if it is with diabetics then it can be even more dangerous. But still diabetics consume alcohol. The dragging power of alcohol is so then how to manage effects of alcohol in diabetics and drink in safe limits. If you don’t then here are the guidelines for diabetics to follow with alcohol drinks.

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Precautions to take with alcohol consumption:

The first and foremost precaution to take while consuming alcohol if you have diabetes is to drink as less as possible, as alcohol directly enters the blood soon after consumption. The following care should be taken.

  • Never drink alcohol on empty stomach.
  • The snacks should not be avoided and also the snack you take should be very healthy both during and before taking alcohol.
  • Eating vegetable salad with nuts will be best snack choice. Egg whites too are perfect.
  • Non vegetarians such as grilled or roast fish are better. See to that you eat some kind of vegetarian food in between.
  • Drink some kind of non-alcoholic drink before you start drinking alcohol. Doing so will not let you consume more alcohol.
  • Avoid mixing of pro-diet products and soft drinks with alcohol. Prefer to take alcohol with water or soda.
  • Never be in a hurry to drink alcohol. Drink it leisurely and take small sips. This will save the body form bad effects of blood sugar.

Follow these and save yourself if you can’t avoid alcohol and have diabetes. Apart from all the above three more vital precautions to take while you kick-start the drinks are….

1) Check if your sugar levels are normal.

2) See if you have high blood pressure and diabetic neuropathy problems.

3) Last but not the least you should know all the problems that may arise post drinking and take the needed precautions.

What happens when you take alcohol?

Alcohol is one thing where the digestion of it doesn’t take place in stomach and its digestion is done in liver. This is where the problem arises as the liver instead of regulating the blood sugar levels; it will start trying to eliminate the alcohol from the blood. And one more thing to note is that when someone consumes alcohol and takes diabetic medications such as meglitinide and sulfonylurea they act on pancreas and induce more insulin production. Drinking alcohol can also lead to low blood sugar. Too much consumption will lead to lessened insulin effect and will also make you drowsy.

So going by all these now think before you get into business and drink safely as alcohol consumption is strictly a big NO for diabetics. These can easily reverse your health condition and put your life at stake. Excessive alcohol and diabetes are very dangerous.

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