Cuticle care tips that should not be ignored

Caring the cuticles is a bit hectic task as it needs lot much patience and time. But it can be easy when some tips are implemented. Here are few answers for how to get good cuticles naturally.

1) Moisturize too often:

The foremost step to be followed in taking care of the cuticles is to do moisturizing as many times as possible. The cuticles need to be hydrated most of the times. One needs to massage the moisturizer into the cuticles each and every day. If you don’t have time, somehow spare time to moisturizer at least once in a day. Before moisturizing wash the hands well with liquid wash if possible.

2) Be careful with dry cuticles:

You have perhaps been told every now and then that one needs to push back the cuticles and place them in that way. It is true almost all and at many times. But when you have dry cuticles you should not push cuticle back. Hold on till you moisturize them or till you simply soak them, once you are done with any of the two things you can push them. If you try pushing dry cuticles they might get damaged.

3) The correct push back:

One easy and important tip on taking care of the cuticles is to know how to push the cuticles back in a proper way. Fore mostly one should use a cuticle remover while pushing the cuticles back. Always prefer cuticle remover in place of cuticle oil or cream to push them back. Then by using a proper tool the cuticles should be pushed back smoothly. Finally remove the excess or dead cuticle making use of cuticle tool by rotating the tool in little circles.

4) Stay away from cutting:

Cutting the cuticles should by all means be avoided. We actually need them as they have a significant role to serve. Cuticles protect the nails, particularly the roots. They even guard the nails from bacteria. So by cutting you are depriving the nails the natural protection given by cuticles. Instead of cutting them it is always better to just push them backside as said in the above paragraph.

5) Lessen the usage of metal on cuticles:

It is always a safe move to keep the metals away from the cuticles. Of course at times we have to make use of a cuticle trimmer to rid off hangnail or ragged edge. Nevertheless stay away from metal cuticles and use rubber or plastic tools.

6) Be cautious of hangnails:

The best way to take care of cuticles is to get rid of hangnails but one has to be very careful while getting rid of hangnails. Cutting deeply can lead to nail infections. Be sure that you have a sharp cuticle trimmer. And in case you get a cut be ready with anti-bacterial lotion.

Also buy only branded products to take care of nails and cuticles so that you don’t invite any unwanted things on them.

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