Curtains Guide – Choose with Care!

Next to paint and wall décor, curtains and drapes are the most defining elements of your room. A curtain makeover can breathe fresh life into a boring room or even completely change the style of your room. Chosen properly, they help to bring in a put-together look and accentuate the mood of your room.

However, from the right length to the perfect color and fabric, selecting curtains for your home can be an overwhelming task. Sure! Curtains catalog of the best home décor brands offer a wealth of curtains and valances but with so many things to consider, one tends to go bonkers!

Tips to help you buy the right curtains

Before you choose your curtains, you must decide what kind of look you want to achieve- traditional or modern, formal or relaxed, classic or casual.


According to home styling experts, linen, silk, faux silk and velvet are some of the best choices for window treatments because they hang well. Primarily, the fabric i.e. the material that your curtain is made of will decide how well your curtains look and function over time. If the fabric is too heavy, you won’t get a smart look with your curtains drawn; if it’s too light, your curtains won’t manage an elegant fall.

Basically, for a sunny room, lighter fabrics like linen, silk and variations of these are best because they filter light beautifully- bright colors aren’t quite the choice because sunlight tends to fade fabrics over time.

If you’re looking for curtains to block light, then blackout curtains in suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed are good choices because their weight helps to block light and capture heat. Blackout curtains are also available in whites. Heavily pleated living room curtains made of silk or satin can add a touch of opulence!


The standing guideline for color is “lighter shades for sunny rooms”. Neutral colors are the best choice because they blend easily with your room’s décor. If you have patterns on your wall décor, it’s best to opt for curtains in solid colors. If you want your curtains to stand out, choose bright shades. If you want them to blend with the décor, either choose a subtle non-dominant color in the room OR go for a shade that’s slightly darker than your wall color.


If you have patterned wallpapers, furniture or bedding, stick to solid curtains. If you have solid wall colors, you can feel free to explore crazy patterns. The boldest of graphic prints can actually look marvelous if their color coordinates with the existing décor. Stripes and geometric shapes give your rooms a modern look while dots and florals are evergreen prints that add vibrance to light, airy rooms.

Length and width

Hanging curtains a good deal higher than the window frame gives an illusion of increased height to your room. Length of the curtains depends on how you wish to style them- whether you want them to just graze the floor or puddle on the floor. To make your curtains look ample and full when closed, choose a combined width at least double or times the width of your window.

Nowadays, you can even shop custom curtains, tailormade for your homes, but they obviously cost more than readymade ones.

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