Cure many of your health problems with ginger

Do I need an explanation about ginger…do you need or for that matter do we all need? No….no one actually needs any explanation or intro on this voraciously used herb. It can easily be called as the king of kitchen herbs. Ginger is also used in the dry form in many of the dishes. It is used as both a medicinal herb and spicing ingredient of foods.

People knew about ginger since 5000 years. Exporting it from India, Romans, Greeks and Arabs have introduced this great herb in the European continent. From then this magical herb had no setback in becoming more and more popular throughout the ages.  This is also easy to grow herb and also needs less space. In this present article, we shall see on the uses and also medicinal uses of ginger.

Nutritional value of ginger:

Excluding many nutrients in it, it has vitamin A, B and C vitamins in heavy levels. It is spicy in nature due to the presence of chemicals called as gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone.

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Uses of ginger for health:

Ginger though is not tasty is famous and popular just because of its high medicinal value. Its usage as a homemade remedy for many of the common elements is really high and is also widely used in many of the Ayurveda treatments.

Ginger for digestion problems and other stomach problems:

Ginger is the best home remedy for many of the problems that arise due to indigestion. Take rock salt, few ginger pieces, cumin seeds, ginger juice and milk, mix them well and add equal amounts of fried dry ginger powder and rock salt. Mix all these two with the above said material and take. You can try this whenever you face some difficulty with your stomach.

Ginger for respiratory problems:

Ginger is also the best way to treat many of the respiratory problems such as cough, cold and also sputum. All you need to treat them is to use ginger juice and honey. Mix them and take daily.

The same will also work for high blood pressure.

Ginger treatment for joint inflammation and joint pain:

Add castor oil to a glass of water and boil well. Once it is boiled well add ginger or dry ginger powder and drink. This will easily bring down the pains of all kinds.

Using ginger for jaundice treatment:

All you need to treat it is to eat few ginger slices in combination with jaggery. Eat this for 10 days and jaundice will reduce easily.

Ginger for ear pain:

To treat ear pain naturally add a little amount of water to ginger slices and boil well. Strain it and use it as ear drops.

Headache treatment with ginger:

Grind dry ginger and make a paste using little water. Apply this paste on the head and you can get relived. You can as well drink ginger juice by mixing little jaggery.

Hope these tips will come for your rescue.

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